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Mr. Chairman: Actions Speak Louder than Words

abasPA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is being commended by many for his remarks to an assembly in Saudi Arabia. Supporters back his firm unequivocal tone against the Hamas terrorists that abducted the yeshiva talmidim. Opponents believe the words were the result of mounting US pressure against the PA (Palestinian Authority) and they will not be followed by actions.

Addressing the Islamic Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Abu Mazen on Wednesday, 20 Sivan, called for the immediate release of the boys. He stated those responsible for the kidnapping “want to destroy the PA”. He added “they are human beings just like us”, blatantly condemning the kidnapping, yet never mentioning the word Hamas.

Abu Mazen used the forum to lash out against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who he accuses of taking advantage of the situation to launch the major military operations in PA areas. In truth, the PA benefits on both fronts, attacking the prime minister and seeing his arch enemy, Hamas, dismantled without having to lift a finger despite the agreement, the recent unity government agreement with Hamas, it is clear that agreement was a formality at best as Abu Mazen lives under the constant fear of a Hamas coup in PA areas. Israel has cleaned house for him yet he gets to condemn the move while reaping the benefits of Operation Brothers Return.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to hold Abu Mazen responsible, telling the media words are words but the litmus test is the actions that must follow. He reminds the media that Abu Mazen is the one who entered into a coalition government with Hamas.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

2 Responses

    We should give Abbas a 1 hour deadline to get our boys back healthy, if this is not met after 1 hour, we cut off all water and electricity to all Palestinian towns in the West Bank and Gaza. After 2 hours, we bring in the tanks and bulldozers, after 3 hours, we begin “working”. It’s time to say “screw the world opinion”, enough is enough, (and it was enough a long time ago. Have some guts, Bibi.
    הגיעו זמן!

    אנחנו צריכים לתת עבאס מועד אחרון שעה 1 כדי לקבל את הבחורים שלנו בריאים בחזרה, אם זה לא נפגש אחרי השעה 1, אנחנו מונעים מכל המים וחשמל לכל הערים הפלסטיניות בגדה המערבית ובעזה. לאחר 2 שעות, אנחנו מביאים בטנקים ודחפורים, אחרי 3 שעות, אנו מתחילים “לעבוד”. הגעתי זמן לומר “לדפוק את דעת הקהל העולמי”, מספיק זה מספיק (וזה היה מספיק לפני זמן רב. יש כמה אומץ, ביבי.
    עם ישראל חי!
    هو حول وقت!

    ينبغي لنا أن نعطي عباس مهلة 1 ساعة للحصول على أولادنا صحية مرة أخرى، إذا لم يتم هذا بعد 1 ساعة، ونحن بقطع جميع المياه والكهرباء لجميع المدن الفلسطينية في الضفة الغربية وقطاع غزة. بعد 2 ساعة، ونحن جلب الدبابات والجرافات، وبعد 3 ساعات، نبدأ “العمل”. حان الوقت لنقول “المسمار الرأي العام العالمي”، هذا يكفي (وأنه كان كافيا منذ زمن طويل. هل لديك بعض الشجاعة، بيبي.
    صباحا يسرائيل تشاي!

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