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Send YWN Your #BringBackOurBoys Pictures [UPDATED WITH PHOTOS]


It has been  long and difficult days since Eyal, Naftali, & Gilad have been snatched away from their daily lives and families. The IDF have used all their resources in locating the kidnapped boys but R’L the teenagers are still missing.

It is astounding that this story has been pushed under the carpet by the mainstream press. It has been hardly reported on and barely mentioned throughout the global news circuit. The hashtag #BringBackOurBoys has made it rounds but the anti semetic “three fingers” symbol glorifying the kidnapping has equally made its ugly face known.

In an effort to raise awareness, YWN requests that you send us your photo holding up a sign with the hash tag #BringBackOurBoys so that we may display it on the website to show the world that we will not let this horrible story be forgotten.

All pictures should be sent to [email protected]

Names for Tehillim:

1. Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah
2. Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim
3. Eyal ben Iris Teshurah


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47 Responses

  1. Pictures, videos, you tube clips, songs sung by “famous” jewish singer (I’m sure Lipa will be out with something soon) are quite silly. This is a real terrible tragedy. The grandfather of one of the boys asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky what he can/should do & Rav Chaims answer was LEARN TORAH!! Period!! Not create you tube clips.

  2. #1, I agree. The goyim don’t care what we say or do. The only One who cares what we say or do is the One tho Whom we should be directing our teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedaka.

  3. I agree videos are not the main thing ut you have to realize that these things have an effect on people who aren’t anywhere near holding at learning. it raises an awareness and might cause people to take things upon themselves for people who are far from learning torah

  4. Stop hacking about everything I found those songs very emotional and brought me closer 2 hasheem and for the boys

  5. Eligoldman14-
    “Closer to Ha-Shem and for the boys” Seriously?? How close and how so?

    Just wondering, When you said Acheinu chol beis yisroel this morning after Krias Hatorah did tears come to your eyes and chills run up your spine as you said the words “…Uvashivya….hamokom yeracheim….v’yotziem mitzara….m’shibud L’geula…”

  6. #7- ‘these things have an effect on people who aren’t anywhere near holding at learning’: if you DO learn and these things have no effect on you – then you are not learning properly.

    #9- laytzon, what’s your problem with #8? What, you’re only allowed to be inspired and feel ‘closer to Ha-Shem and for the boys’ by saying Acheinu Kol Beit Yisrael? Nothing else can do it for you?

  7. I agree. Its all Narishkite and total lack of maturity; understanding the severity and importance of this unfortunate situation. This is not a time to go put out videos falsely playing on the tzibur’s emotions.

  8. How many people ran to be the first to put out a music video??? To gain the most ‘likes’ and feel warm inside knowing that many people are falling to his/her play on false ‘Hollywood Drama’ emotion? SICK. SICK. SICK.

  9. Hashtagging is empty and not how we deal with this. There is a tzarah, who are you hashtagging? Are we Michelle Obama? We have an eibishter!!!!!

  10. These silly little papers will really get the terrorists to return the kidnappers. Instead, they should have videos of people shedding tears while saying tehillim.

    The Sanzer Rebbe shlit”a married off his grandchild last week. It was very emotional to see and hear thousands of people reciting 2 perakim tehillim together before the chuppah. This is inspiring and this is what YWN should mention.

  11. This tragedy has brought so much achdus amongst our people…everywhere I look, I see people joining together in tefillah and learning, taking upon themselves mitzvos in the merit of these boys, etc….except on the website where “frum” self relighteous yidden spend their time criticizing eachother and eachother’a views. Correct, hashtag diplomacy won’t bring back these boys. But achdus and loving eachother will. Unfortunately, these commentators on this website seldomly act behave in a kavodik manner to eachother. Shame. #loveandunity #bringbackourboys

  12. Music, videos, songs, pictures keep our BOYS ON OUR MIND. Every gathering & shiur should pause for tehillim. Those who can increase learning- go for it! Those who are stronger in mitzvah a- go for it! & Moms and children who are making & hanging signs- GO FOR IT!

    When oh when will the Tzibbur realize we are a congregation of different neshamos reaching G-D in diverse ways.

  13. although i agree with what everyone is saying, totally disagree! The fact that we are putting each other down and are saying negative things about one another will NOT help these boys come back. The purpose of ALL these things that people are doing, including all the learning, davening, videos etc. are to help bring klal yisrael together. If we do not stop all our negativity towards one another (no matter if you agree with the videos or not) then whatever we are doing (even if you put in all that kavanah) will most likely not be as effective.

  14. Perhaps instead of this silly hashtag (which is a goyisha zach that does nothing really significant for the boys), post a selfy of yourself with the kapita Tehillim number(s) that you are saying every day. At least that might encourage others to pick up a Tehillim and daven for them.

    1. Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah
    2. Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim
    3. Eyal ben Iris Teshurah

    Tehillim 121, 130

  15. Do you think Hashem appreciates all these comments that are full of machlokes? How about everyone does whatever they feel comfortable doing? No one is stopping someone else from davening or saying tehillim or learning Torah or giving tzedaka if they want to. If this is the way people want to express their support, then let them. How about we stop fighting with each other and show some ahavas chinam here? Maybe Hashem will love THAT more than the davening or the tehilim or the learning or the tzedaka or the signs…

  16. This is uber pathetic. These kids are smiling while holding these papers they don’t even get whats going on. I really don’t see the point of this. It seriously trivializes a very important and dire situation. Happy color war ywn!

  17. I don’t think ppl are doing this for the drama or popularity. It’s just their way of showing support. Yes of course learning, davening, and saying tehilim should be done with extra kavana. But there’s nothing wrong with other displays of support.
    Another thing. We keep talking (in other articles as well) about how this has been brought upon us because of the the non religious government, and because of the toeiva parade, etc. etc. This is very true. Hashem is surely sending us a message. But what bothers me even more is when I see the FRUM ppl being nasty to each other. Look at comments here and on other stories. Guys! Come on! We as frum ppl should be trying our best to improve ourselves! You can’t change the world but you can change yourself. Start with yourselves. Speak with respect even here where you are anonymous. The frier may not know any better, but shouldn’t we?

  18. Rabbosai, how about in zchus of these boys we all stop arguing about these petty things and repect people for whatever it is that is helping them feel for these boys? I think striving for shalom is worth just as much as crying over a tehillim, dont you?

  19. There are some commentators here that are complaining about others who have posted their objections to this hashtag frenzy. They claim that those that express objections are causing machlokes. I would like, therefore, to respond to this claim.

    As everyone here will agree, our responsibility as religious Jews is to turn to Chazal for guidance on how to think, speak, and act in accordance to Hashem’s will. This applies even when Hashem’s will is contrary to Human logic; for instance, Eidim Zomemin.

    So what does Chazal say about Machlokes?

    [יז] כל מחלוקת שהיא לשם שמיים, סופה להתקיים; ושאינה לשם שמיים, אין סופה להתקיים. איזו היא מחלוקת שהיא לשם שמיים, זו מחלוקת הלל ושמאי; ושאינה לשם שמיים, זו מחלוקת קורח ועדתו.

    17. Any dispute that is for the sake of Heaven is destined to endure; one that is not for the sake of Heaven is not destined to endure. Which is a dispute that is for the sake of Heaven? The dispute(s) between Hillel and Shamai. Which is a dispute that is not for the sake of Heaven? The dispute of Korach and all his company.

    Now, without bringing in any commentaries it is abundantly clear that while their is machlokes that is bad, there is also machlokes that is good. Chazal give an example for each one. In order to understand the differences, however, we need to turn to meforshim.

    Being that Bartenura is the first commentator that people look at we will turn to him.

    והמחלוקת שהיא לשם שמים התכלית והסוף המבקש מאותה מחלוקת
    להשיג האמת
    ומחלקת שאינה לשם שמים תכלית הנרצה בה היא בקשת השררה ואהבת הנצוח

    In short, L’shem Shamiyim is “seeking the Truth” and Sh’lo L’shem Shamiyim is “seeking one’s own grandeur and a desire to win a fight”.

    Now, it may be that some of the posters here fall in the later category (in my opinion, if you have to cut people down you are suspected of such), but certainly not all of them.

    Most here are expressing their opinion that in their humble opinion we are not going about things right by getting involved with this hashtag idea. In their opinion that is like cheering on people that are trying to save a drowning person instead of doing something to help out. If you can’t physically get involved, DAVEN!!!!

    I have more to say, but I will try to add it later, B”N.

  20. When one is sick, one is supposed to daven AND go to the Doctor

    When one needs Parnassah, One is supposed to daven AND fill out job applications.

    So why are people opposed to people Davening AND using the hashtag campaign, just becuase you dont totally get it or think its stupid doesnt mean its useless.

    Davening and Learning are not the only positive things one must do, One also also lobby the governments and NGO to help get the release of those boys. The hashtag campaign help lobby those organizations

  21. I heard from reliable sources that the more yidden hashtag #bringbackourboys, the more yidden spend time making youtube videos on it, the more we blog and shmooze and gossip about it, the more likely the boys are to come home soon!! Please keep up the hashtagging and everything. Kol hakovod!

  22. Hamas is shaking in their boots harder with every additional hashtag. If we can get a few more hashtags then Hamas will bring back our boys.

    Moderator’s Note: Yea Joseph, after all, you would know. They (Hamas) are your brothers. Neturei-Karta are brothers with Hamas. And you praise Neturei karta’s Iranian-holocaust denying previous president. Just say it publicly. If you are so proud of your warped shitos, just come out and say it: “I Joseph F. use hundreds of screenames to promote Neturei Karta and I am a wimp for not using my real name”.

    Hows that?

  23. These silly photos are an embarrassment; almost as bad as demanding “we want moshiach now!”.
    As stated above, if there’s a possibility, it will be with t’filah and mitzvos.
    And by the way, the non-Jewish press and media have all carried sympathetic articles and reports. Let’s not display our lack of appreciation.

  24. #27 and #28 – I understand your views and feelings and in theory I get it. However, in reality I don’t know one case where it has ever ended in definitive results. Pollard and Rubashkin are still in jail, Gush Katif was given away with thousands becoming homeless, and anti-Israeli/pro-Palestinian sentiments are still growing.

    All we have is Avinu Shebashamiyim. It is like we say every year on Lel Seder, Shelo Echad Bilvad…

    Even if you feel we need to turn to the Nations for help, your message is not strong enough. “Kidnapping civilians is an international war crime!” That point has to be pushed!

  25. Just to strengthen my previous statement in comment #31, here are quotes from an article from Huffington Post.

    “It’s been more than a week since three Israeli teens were kidnapped and advocates want to see more of their supporters take up an apolitical social media campaign that’s pushing for their safe return.

    In the wake of the kidnapping, for which no group has officially taken credit, the University of Haifa Ambassadors Network launched the #BringBackOurBoys campaign, a social media effort that has also been paired with the hashtag #EyalGiladNaftali, the Jerusalem Post reported. It has been modeled after the campaign that spread like wildfire after more than 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from school in April by terrorist group Boko Haram.

    While a number of political figures and celebrities, including Mayim Bialik, the star of ’90s sitcom “Blossom,” have joined the effort, many world leaders, expected to side with Israel, have remained decidedly silent.

    President Barack Obama and the first lady have gotten flack from Israel’s supporters for declining to make any mention of the kidnapping after they were explicitly vocal about their support of the abducted Nigerian girls.

    “In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters,” Michelle Obama said last month, according to the Guardian. “We see their hopes, their dreams, and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now.”

    The first lady also personally tweeted a picture of herself holding a sign bearing the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag.

    Why did that situation provoke [Michelle Obama’s] reaction but not in this case, when an American is among the captured?” Bradley Scott wrote in an op-ed piece for the Blaze. “The first lady, who recently took over one the president’s weekly addresses, called the mass abduction of Nigerian school girls an ‘unconscionable act’ of terror.”

    APPARENTLY it has not had enough affect to cause the Obamas to speak out even under the circumstances that doing so would not cause concerns about straining ties with the PA being that Abbas himself has condemned the act! So what’s holding them back? Why the silence? Apparently, #BringOurBoysBack is not an effective message.

  26. #31 and in all those cases that you mentioned, TEFILLOHS were supreme……Hashem runs the world and runs it according to SHALOM, check all the pesukim in davening about SHALOM.

    We are a nation that is working together (B’SHALOM) with all our ability to give Koach to the captured and their families. If we can bring comfort to the families by broadcasting “Bring Back our Boys” and have them feel the love, devotion and care of more and more individuals then we are L’SHEM SHamayim.

  27. 31,32

    You cant exactly compare Rubushkin/Pollard to the Kidnapped boys. Without getting into the politics, the jewish community isnt as united on their cases as the Kidnapped boys so a political campaign has to take many tactics.

    To claim an internet campaign never works is not true. It was a FB page that incited the Tunisia government overthrow and the Arab Spring, now its true the Arab spring did not work everywhere, but it did work at least in Tunisia where it first started.

    The #bringbackourgirls campaign while it hasnt brought back the girls, has at least made it on the agenda so it hasnt been a failure yet and has some success in promoting the cause.

    Not everyone can learn, but the mothers of these boys need to know that people care and are keeping their sons in their hearts. I am sure they know that those who learn for the sons care, but Im sure they also know that those who hashtag also care for their sons and arent forgetting about them

  28. Weird. Seems to me, that the only ones here with a fighting attitude are those yelling how we need Achdus and presumably we aren’t supposed to express our opinion about the efficiency of hashtags.


  29. #33 and #34 – I understand what you are saying about showing the families that we care, but we would be doing them more help by writing to congressmen in an attempt to get them to act. The Palestinians need America’s backing the peace process to gain any ground. If the president speaks out against this kidnapping Abbas will be forced to make sure these boys are safely returned for fear of turning America into an enemy. Obama as of yet has not come out condemning this kidnapping (to my knowledge). Pressure from Congress will help to make that happens.

    Stop Hashtaging and start writing!

  30. I tried posting here the other day but for some reason, it didn’t go up. At least I don’t see it – maybe I missed it.
    Anyway, I really don’t think ppl are making videos and posting pics to be dramatic and get attention. I really think it’s a show of support.
    Of course davening and learning are a big zchus for the boys, and there is a lot of davening and learning going on specifically for the 3 boys. There are also a lot of tehilim groups being put together for this. In fact, at many affairs such as graduations, showers, etc – ppl are saying a perek tehilim first before the event begins. I think this is just another way to show support.
    Please – don’t knock those who are doing it. Once again, I will say (as I’ve said in other posts and cr threads)- Hashem truly wants us to be b’achdus!

  31. To all those who are criticizing these pics and videos… there is nothing wrong with posting pics and videos yet there is something wrong with creating machloket

  32. All you commenters criticizing those who criticize the hashtaggers are just doing the same thing as the people you are criticizing. Oh but you’re rightand tthey’re wrong (at least in your mind) so therefore your criticism is not causing machlokes only the criticism of the has taggers cause machlokes. Note the sarcasm

  33. All you commenters criticizing those who criticize the hashtaggers are just doing the same thing as the people you are criticizing. Oh but you’re rightand tthey’re wrong (at least in your mind) so therefore your criticism is not causing machlokes only the criticism of the hashtaggers cause machlokes. Note the sarcasm

  34. Everyone who is davening and learning continue to do so, everyone who is hashtaging and making videos continue to do so, and all the La La’s out there complaining just be quiet and leave everyone alone

  35. ywn news i am suprised that you have not yet taken of this silly waste of thing of taking pictures there is no sense and no point in what your doing these days every time i log on to yw it just sickens me with the rubbish you can make up sometimes

  36. If I take a picture with a paper saying bring our boys back am I now off the hook and I can stop saying tehillim and dedicating learning sedorim and giving tzedaka with the boys in mind?

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