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Yair Lapid Impacted by Calls for Tefilos on Behalf of the Captive Youths

lapFinance Minister (Yesh Atid) Yair Lapid visited the Shaar family in Talmon, Yisrael Hayom reported. According to the report, the senior minister wished to show the parents that he too has Jewish feelings, explaining he has not davened or visited a shul for six years, since the bar mitzvah of his son. However, in light of the continued calls for tefilos, he joined many others last week and davened on behalf of the boys safe return.

“I turned the house apart looking for my grandfather’s siddur” he explained. Lapid explained the calls for achdus and tefilos penetrated his heart too and felt the need to part of the tefilos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. That’s what we call a politician. A liar. If he’s sooo intent on bringing orthodoxy to its knees then this is just for a photo op.

    Just wondering. If he’s confirming that he hasn’t got a siddur of his own (even one for the family), isn’t he a kosher son of his despicable father? He obviously didn’t state he found a siddur his father gave him at his bar mitzva or a siddur from his father. Guess that lolife father of his never either owned a siddur. (His pops is tummy lapid who like son worked as hard as possible to degrade the torah as well as orthodoxy. May he rest in hell soon).

  2. I guess we’re supposed to be impressed. I’ll be happy to send him a siddur AND a set of Chumashim. And the yarmulke to wear when he davens.

  3. He is from the family of the Hafla’ah and his brother R’ Shmelkeh of Nikolsburg. May they be meilitzim yosher, and may he be a chozer b’teshuvah.

  4. It could b he really meant it = but it is hard for me to accept as the guy does all he can to receive media attention and probably was upset the first few days when he couldnt finw what to say on the media

    It was very noticable that he was quiet

  5. Faker! Politics. Nothing more! This guy is SO far off the derech. Hashem won’t give him a chance for teshuva.

  6. If he admits being jewish; it’s not just Tefillos which are needed but also action. So please stop your hatefilled crusade against the Torah and anything being jewish with Bris Milah just the latest!

  7. The letters of RaShA stand for Ribono Shel Olam (Creator of the world). One day even the reshaim will return back to Hashem!

  8. a good jew,
    and since when are you the arbiter of who can or cant do tshuva!? trust me, elazer ben dordaya was a lot worse off and he did tshuva, so don’t go throwing around terms unless you actually know what you are talking about

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