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VIDEOS: Hamas’ Growing Support in Knesset


MK (United Arab List) Hanin Zoabi made the headlines when she told the media that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, adding fuel o the fire by justifying the kidnapping of the three youths.

It appears that Zoabi is not a lone pro-Hamas voice in Knesset as MK (Hadash) Dr. Afou Agbaria has announced he shares her opinions. While Afou is also an Arab MK, his party is made up of both Arabs and Jews.

Speaking to the Knesset Channel, Dr. Agbaria said Hamas is not a terror organization but a liberation organization. He added the mortar shells fired from Gaza that land in southern Israel is an “Israel bluff” for no one was ever killed or injured by them.

He adds “The Israelis send provoke an incident by announcing they are looking for a wanted suspect in Gaza, then mortar shells are fired”.

WATCH: MK Feiglin walks out of the studio during the debate with the MK, later explaining the TV host should have called him on his outlandish statements, which she let pass.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. If I put on uniform and proceed to go into your house and shoot a bunch of children, I am a soldier (albeit what violating international criminal law), but if I don’t wear a uniform and am working for other than a government, I’m a terrorist.

    One could argue that soldiers who massacre civilians are terrorists. One could also argue that terrorists whose goal is to win a conflict and accompish various political aims is really a soldier.

    The distinction is that most countries regard terrorists as criminals and don’t negotiate with them – unless they want to end the conflict and decide to treat terrorists as soldiers (though under international law, that renders them as war criminals).

    Of course, if you (yourself) are blown up, it doesn’t matter whether it was done by a terrorist or a soldier.

  2. This is out of control!! Let’s get America to put Irainians and Al Quida in their government! Freedom of what???

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