Boehner Says He Plans to Sue Obama


John BoehnerSpeaker John Boehner says he intends to file a lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of failing to carry out the laws passed by Congress.

The suit would be filed on behalf of the Republican-controlled House.

Boehner provided no details of the claims to be made in the suit. He privately briefed members of his rank and file on his plans on Tuesday.

Republicans have long accused Obama of selectively enforcing the health care law that bears his name, and doing the same with immigration legislation long on the books.

At his weekly news conference, the speaker said the Constitution makes it clear the president’s job is to faithfully execute the law.



  1. Re comment no. 1: Who is the slippery slime of a fellow that you are referring to? Obama or Boehner?

    I think that taking the issue to court is a good idea, where it can be slapped down as a political stunt on the part of Mr. Boehner, or sent back to the House of Representatives for handling by an impeachment committee. Just to be clear, I have every confidence that President O will serve out his term.