More On The Murder of the Arab Teen in Yerushalayim


kThe body of 17-year-old Muhmad Hussein Abu Khadir was found in the Jerusalem Forest on Wednesday morning, 4 Tammuz 5774 at 04:41. The body had been burned. About a half hour earlier, the police dispatcher received a call reporting a young Arab male was being pushed into a car against his will in the Beit Haninah area of northern Yerushalayim. The investigation is ongoing and police report all motives are being investigated, including criminal and nationalistic.

Eyewitnesses told police the victim was heading to the Shuafat mosque for morning services when he was abducted, pushed into a Hyundai vehicle by three Jewish males. They ran to assist him but they were unable to reach him on time. The vehicle drove of “at a crazy speed” they added in their report to police. Police received another report, of an Arab male who disappeared from Beit Haninah. It did not take too long for police for police to put the pieces of the puzzle together, that all three incidents, the burned body, the abduction and missing teen involved the same person, the victim.

PA (Palestinian Authority) officials were quick to announce “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is responsible”, demanding that he publically condemn the murder as PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) did in the case of the three youths, Gilad Shar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach HY”D.


Among the first to appear at the home of the murdered youth was MK Hanin Zoabi, who told the world that in her view, the Hamas kidnapping of the youths was the result of the ongoing Israeli occupation. She and some of her Arab MK colleagues refuse to categorize Hamas as a terrorist organization, preferring to view its members as freedom fighters.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. whatever the reason this boy was killed it is sad. we should feel sorry for his family.

    I know to some it is not so, but any parent suffers when their kid gets killed.

    (as opposed dieing for a course even if we think the cause is evil)

  2. It does not take a detective to see that this was all staged by the arabs. The “abductors” looked like frum men, that is how they dress when they abducted yidden in the past. “Among the first to appear at the home of the murdered youth was MK Hanin Zoabi”, she was there so fast cause she knew it was going to happen. This is unfortunately not the first time we have been framed in such a way, we have two thousand years experience with such defaming tactics. JEWS ARE

  3. Since hamas yemach shemom, didn’t gain from their murder, they are just trying to make themselves right in the worlds eyes, by murdering one of their own with Jewish dressed up figures. No doubt.

  4. Shredready(peakman)

    Your words MIGHT carry some weight if you had even shown the slightest anguish for what happened to the three yeshiva bochurim.

    However you never felt the need to ever express such a feeling, which you hurried to do for this Arab.

    Just like Obama, who immediately commented on this killing, without the facts ever being established, yet took more than two weeks to comment on the kidnapping of the yeshiva bochurim, where it was already known that it was perpetrated by Hamas terrorists.

    The reason for both of your hypocritical reactions is the same, because one atrocity was against Yeshiva Bochurim, that, in your mind does not warrant anguish. Jewish life, especially those who learn Torah, is cheap to the both of you.

  5. wrong in the sad case of the 3 boys there was not doubt as tp why they where killed however in this case there is.

    that is the difference. Even if it was done by arabs it is till sad

    that all

  6. I don’t see what the big deal is these arabs have no sanctity for human life their parents encourage them to blow themselves up and to commit acts of war and terror often and without any provocation one cockroach less is not a reason to get bent out of shape