Avreich Attacked on his Way to Kollel in Yerushalayim


2Shmuel Cohen, a 21-year-old avreich who got married four months ago was attacked on Thursday morning, 5 Tammuz as he left his home in Jerusalem’s Romeima neighborhood heading to kollel. The attacker was an Arab who works as a truck driver. The driver, whose truck said “Mickey” on the side, got out and punched Shmuel in his face, breaking his eyeglasses and causing facial trauma.

The incident occurred at 09:00 near his home. He was struck in the face and head numerous times. The victim’s father, Doron, told Kikar Shabbos “My son was walking to kollel and he near the Gerlitz Bakery when he was attacked, in Romeima. The Arab got out of the truck, came over to him and began punching him.”

“His eye and that area are swollen and pieces of his lenses were pushed into his eye” the dad explained. Magen David Adom reports they responded to a call on Tuval Street and he was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, describing his condition as “light”.

Shimon Gadmish, who owns the Mickey Company, says it could not have been one of his trucks since he hires out the trucking to an outside contractor in Gush Etzion by the name of Emanuel Shram. The manager of that company denied it was one of his drivers. He explains the truck was not one of his. He explained there are many Mickey Companies in the country.

Another Mickey Company said he does not have trucks in the capital and he does not have Arab drivers, only one Bedouin driver who services the center of the country.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. According to the Satmar Rebbe, he should be living in Kiryat Yoel and there he will be safe.

    Rav Chaim K. years ago gave a halachic response not to hire Arabs as workers. This should go into effect ASAP. or Kollels/Yeshivos should introduce self-defense courses.

  2. Waiting for that GDOrah and Berliner (and some others) to write that this avreich deserves it for not being in the military and allowing himself to be killed in order to protect those who insist on living among pere adam animals.

  3. Kahane was right; expulsion is the only way-deport these drek to the desert cesspools from where they originated and genedig ah maaseh

  4. When an Arab is attacked, Obama is upset. But when a Jew is attacked, he doesn’t care. But we don’t need Obama or the world, just each other and G-d