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Agudath Israel Statement On Arrests In Murder Of Arab Boy

agudahReports of arrests of members of the Jewish community in connection with the recent murder of an Arab youth, Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, should fill us all with revulsion.

The Jewish faith does not tolerate violence other than in self-defense and condemns murder as a grave crime. To take the life of an innocent human being is not only an indefensible, evil act but, here, brings our people down to the level of our most implacable and cruel enemies. It is a chillul Hashem, a desecration of G-d’s name.

The entire Jewish world was plunged into mourning at the news of the three innocent Jewish teens who were murdered several weeks ago by as-yet unapprehended parties. And mourning was, and is, the proper response of individuals to such crimes, not misguided attempts by vigilantes to exact “revenge,” which is the Creator’s to dispense.

May the families of both the murdered Jewish boys and the murdered Arab boy be comforted. And may governmental authorities successfully bring all the murderers to the justice that can be meted out in this world.

We beseech the Creator, the One who “makes peace in His heavens,” to send us the day soon when peace will reign over the Holy Land.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Amen for surely such an act comes from Shaar Nun
    We await with every breath praying for the arrival of Moshiach

  2. “May the families of both the murdered Jewish boys and the murdered Arab boy be comforted.”

    What? Equating the two? Who wrote this for the Agudah? I’m very dissapointed with their turn towards Liberalism. Is this just a “show up” to the OU who issued a similar statement? Why this bending over backwards to “appease” the Arabs, before all the dust has even settled? Halivai they would of responded so quickly when their buddy/mentor, Shelly Silver happily helped pass Gay Marriage in NY State! Seems like a lack of judgement.

  3. With this vile and despicable act, these six animals have desecrated the memory of the three kedoshim who were murdered by the terrorists and will bring more bloodshed on Israelis living on the west bank. If the courts find them guilty they should be given the same punishment as those terrorists when they are captured. Too bad EY abolished capital punishment.

  4. The custom, especially in the middle east, is to randomly kill civilians during times of conflict. This custom is clearly well established (note the situations in adjacent countries).

    The goal of zionism for the Jewish people to be normal, just like the goyim. The zionists have won. Except for a few hareidi fanatics, most of the Jews have given up being the “Am ha-Shem devoted to Torah and MItsvos” and are now acting just like goyim, devoted to power and conquest and killing people in order to have you way.

    Ha-Shem has a double standard for Jews. Jews have 613 mitsvos and are an Am Kodesh, holy people. The goyim have 7 mitsvos, and are not expected to be a holy nation.

  5. Thank you ou
    But why is it always “us” who is trying to do good.
    Why is there a feeling of putting more effort to find who killed this Arab boy.
    Is the PA putting in the effort trying to find our boys killers? – no!!!
    Why the “hard line” talk from Bibi?
    Why is he not taking the appropriate action?
    There is something wrong with this
    “Unbalanced equation”

  6. Maybe a statement about obamas double standard. Blowing up this arab death and practically ignoring the 3 Jews?

  7. Just curius if any of you actually think logically before posting…the agudah makes a statement like this because thats what you do to remain neutral in political times and no they are not going to come out against something the satmar rav said and while i dont necessarily agreebwith what i heard, unless you were there and understand his point then dont judge

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