Mailbag: A Mother’s Response to her Pro Palestinian Daughter


ywne[Below is an email from a mother  to her daughter  after an email where her daughter  described why she is not completely pro-Israel]

My Dear Daughter,

I am glad that you have taken some real interests in the situation at Gaza. Your father and I are proud of the fact that you are a true humanitarian, showing a genuine care for the lives of those in need.

I ask myself as a mother. What would I do if I found out that our neighbour, the Smiths, had dug many tunnels, equipped with hand-cuffs, tranquillisers, pistols, machine guns, explosives and all kinds of weapon-try to destroy you, your brother, your sisters, your father and me? You can be sure I will spare at nothing to defend and protect every last one of you. For what kind of mother would I be, if I didn’t do everything in my power to save my family, and friends, from impending assaults and death.

So I imagine that Israel must defend herself at a time when her very existence is threatened by thousands of missiles flying over her head. Not to mention knowledge, and proof, of her imminent death via tunnels and inhumane warfares.

But what about the children of the Palestinians? Aren’t they human? Don’t they count? you asked.

But of course they do, my dear! Every life is precious and every soul a beloved child of the Creator who gives life to all. But along with life, my beloved child, comes freedom to make the right choices, because the choices we make, (and this you must not forget) affect our destiny forever.

The people of Palestine not only chosen terrorists for government, but are themselves accomplice.

As a mother, I can never imagine allowing the schools and hospitals that my children visit be used as military groun ds, let alone the home we live in. Neither will I witness tunnels from being dug underneath our houses, for close to a decade! and remain silent. Knowing well their purpose and intentions are the destruction of another’s children.

And so I say with certainty that the “Palestinian civilians” are accomplice to their leaders and guilty as pre-meditated murderers.

But where would they go? You asked.

This, sadly, is a harsh reality of humanity. None of the Arab nations would take them in, not even the closest of them would open up their borders to provide refuge for their fellowmen. The Arab world have all turn a blind eye to their brothers and sisters in distress; with elaborate talks of peace and ceasefire but no real action to shelter or save their own.

And although, like you my dear, Israel has been an exemplary humanitarian, taking in, cares for and nurtures the very people who wish nothing but the death of her as she contin ues to aid the Palestinian civilians at this time of war. This, sadly, is covered only minimally in the news.

Many years ago, when the Gaza strip came to be, Israel had also given the Palestinians every resource imaginable to not only survive, but thrive. Israel herself continues to house many Arabs who live in peace and harmony, but not gratitude. Yet, the people whom she had nourished maintain their sole purpose in life to be the death of her. And use the very resource that were given to them against their benefactor.

Now Israel must do everything in her power to save her own. Wouldn’t you say?

It is a mother’s instinct. She has neither an option, nor the luxury of restrain demanded of her by the world’s false humanitarians.

I am very sorry that you live in a harsh world, my Love. Your father and I wish nothing but for you to be raised into becoming a conscientious, compassionate and courageous human being. One who is no t afraid to seek and take the side of truth.

You must learn to stand up for what you believe in and not be afraid of mass opinion. People will, based on their prejudice and agendas, thwart, distort, hinder and misrepresent the truth, as you have seen and read in the news day in and day out. It is your job, my brave child, to have the courage to seek and speak the truth. And at this point in history, stand up for the Jewish people of whom are of no relations to you.

With all my Love,

Your Mother


  1. The mother should have gone on to explain that when Israel withdrew they left vast greenhouses behind and instead of using them to produce crops they destroyed them The leaders of Gaza have built tunnels instead of housing for the homeless and don’t care at all for the wellbeing of their residents. Israel is showing compassion by not bombing Gaza into another Dresdin.

  2. If only all non-Jews and all liberal Jews have the understanding of this non-Jewish mother, there would be peace and harmony in the world.

    Please forward this email to the UN and to all so-called humanitarians.

  3. What a respectful dialogue between mother and daughter!!

    Do of our own children understand the Israeli – Arab crisis and how to defend Israel to others? Take the time to give your child/young adult the information needed to stand up in support of Israel.

  4. What about the children of Be’er Sheva, Netivot, Rishon Le’Zion, Ashdod, Sderot, Ashkelon, etc etc who are bombarded daily with scores of rockets? No sympathy for THEM? These people make me sick with their one-sided “humanity.”

  5. Why Would YW even want to share this. these are self hating jews RL” who have pity only on our enemies. This and other articles that try to reason or show the other side not interested. We as the Chosen Nation show compassion to our enemies yet this young adult chose to feel for the UNchosen.
    The mother said it all!!!One who is not afraid to seek and take the side of truth.

  6. #2. Are you a parent? You have a lot to learn on how to deal with a child, adult or otherwise who lost their way. A harsh letter would have been met with a harsh response and accomplish nothing!

    This mother responded to her foolish daughter with love and at the same time gave her lots to think about. Any other way would meet failure. Learn parenting skills. Your kids or future kids will need it.