Terrorists planned a major slaughter of Jews on Rosh Hashanah R”L. Siyata Dishmaya choreographing the chain of events has prevented this from occurring.

NRG correspondent Ariel Kahane, quoting senior security sources reports that 200 terrorists planned to make their way via tens of tunnels to six Western Negev communities and slaughter and kidnap the populations of those communities.

The tunnels that were built by Hamas in Gaza were not random, but they were set up for a multi-pronged terrorist attack in which they planned to slaughter and abduct entire communities. This was to take place on Rosh Hashanah 5775 R”L.

The attack was prevented as a result of Hamas’ continued rocket fire, followed by the terrorist leaders refusing to accept a ceasefire, thereby compelling the ground forces operation in Gaza.

The terrorists planned to bring dozens of hostages to Gaza via the vast tunnel network. Had the attack taken place, hundreds of people would likely have been killed R”L and many more injured.

It should be pointed out that while many are told the IDF was blind to the tunnels, this is not so and tunnels were destroyed from 2005-2008, after the Disengagement until Operation Cast Lead. Then Southern District Commander Major-General Yoav Gallant wanted to enter Gaza to address the tunnel situation but he was prevented from doing so by then Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Former IDF Major-General Yitzchak Yisrael, a noted expert on the matter told Channel 10 News on erev Shabbos that the IDF has been working for years on addressing the tunnel issue and he is optimistic that in a year to two the development of the solution will be complete. He adds the low tech matter of tunnels poses a problem to countries around the world and they date back to Vietnam and the Korean War, and the US like Israel does not have a definitive solution to this day.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. No. Let’s be really honest here. This would have been a slaughter R”L there would not have been many injured. Hinei lo yanum v’lo yishan shomer yisrael.

  2. Everyone was wondering where their tefillos went when they davenned for the 3 boys–it went here!! It saved us! If not for them we never would have found the tunnels. This is the way Hashem made sure we should find the tunnels before it would chas v’sholom be too late.

  3. To:YWN-Israel Desk,Jerusalem,with all due respect YOU DID NOT WRITE THE WHOLE STORY.You wrote”The attack was prevented as a result of Hamas’ continued rocket fire, followed by the terrorist leaders refusing to accept a ceasefire, thereby compelling the ground forces operation in Gaza.”
    Here are ALL the facts ‘three Yeshiva bochrium were going home for Shabbos,they NEVER got home.The IDF began searching for them in the West Bank,they found R’L their holy bodies .The IDF began looking for the murderers AND re arrested Hamas prisoners who were released from Israeli jails.Then Hamas began to fire rockets from Gaza on Israel.

  4. Ben Caspit wrote:

    One senior Cabinet member I spoke with this week described that possibility to me:

    “Imagine,” he said, “that we are in the middle of a conflict with Hezbollah up north. Our top-notch infantry brigades are up there, in the north, when suddenly Hamas deploys its network of dozens of tunnels all at once. Some 2,000 Hamas commandos suddenly burst out of them and embark on a killing spree, slaughtering thousands of people in the cities and towns across Israel’s south, from Sderot through Ashkelon, Netivot and Ofakim, maybe even all the way to Beersheba. Who would stop them? The police? The air force? It would take weeks to clean up the mess, and at the end of the entire process, we would find death and destruction across southern Israel.

  5. Actually the solution to the tunnel problem is very simple.
    If you dig a trench from the seashore around Gaza and flood the trench, they will intern flood the tunnels.
    The solution is as easy as taking note out of the Hamas doctrine and instead of
    drowning people in the sea let the sea wash a way the threat of the tunnel systems. Hamas leaders who are hiding in tunnels under the city while the innocent members of their “community” die float don’t they?

  6. Just imagine if Hamas spent the $ billions of dollars for building a peaceful neighbor with Israel, instead of building sophisticated terror tunnels.
    They receive all their funding by blackmailing their super rich arab neighbors – Qatar- Abu Dabai – Bahrain- Saudi Arabia & on & on.
    Either you give billions or we supply you with terror.
    An offer these these Sheiks can’t refuse .

  7. Nr: 11
    This Idea was already looked into by the government, but seen as not plausible. The reason: The sea water will seep into the national aquifiers and ruin a big part of our water supply.

  8. verizon49: You’re the one that needs to get your facts straight. Hamas has been shooting thousands of rockets for years. All they did now, was start using more long range rockets.

    Ask the people of Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, who have been living in and out of shelter all these years. Ask their children who can’t got to school many days. They only have 15 seconds warning of an incoming rocket. Also, think of the elderly and infirmed people who can’t make it to the shelters.

    The bottom line, is don’t make excuses for evil. It’s unbecoming of you.

    Avi732: This is exactly what is the feeling here in Israel.

  9. To#14 you wrote” The bottom line, is don’t make excuses for evil. It’s unbecoming of you”. No where did I make any excuses,I just added the back ground to the YWN EDITORIAL
    As to your angered shown here ,have a refuaha shalama.