Two Arabs Targeted in Jerusalem Hate Crime


mishTwo residents of Beit Haninah, both 20, were in nearby N’vei Yaakov on Friday night. They explained to authorities that one of them lost his identity card from work and they retraced their steps to the train station in the hope of finding it.

At about 21:30 they began heading home, realizing the card was lost and it would not be found. “When we approached the park and were approached by a person asking if we have cigarettes and a light. He seemed to want to make certain that we are Arabs. I told him we do not have. He returned a few minutes later with 10 of his friends”.

The two reported they shouted “Arabs Arabs” and began hitting them with baseball bats and pipes. The told police that even after being struck down to the ground the beating continued. They explained that when neighbors opened their windows the attackers stopped and fled.

A hate crimes unit is investigating the attack. No arrests have been made. The two were taken to Hadassah Hospital, with one listed in light condition and the second moderate.

“I work with Jews a great deal and I know that most of them do not act this way” concluded one of the victims.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Actually at a time when Jews are being attacked all over Israel by Arabs and, when one sees a Arab he is afraid maybe he will stab him or shoot him, it is a good thing that Arabs know that Jews also know how to fight back. Besides you believe these Arabs? I don’t. They were probably a threat.

  2. This is not a chilul Hashem. Learn from Shimon and Levi when they took revenge from the city of Shechem did they sphere the “civilians” or they treated them as enemy. Besides why do these arabs feel comfortable walking around us at time of war, they should think twice.

  3. What park and where in Neve Yaakov? There is NO train station in Neve Yaakov. The nearest station is in Pisgat Zeev. The parks in Neve Yaakov are also much further within the neighborhood. And why did they wait until after dark–Friday night–when the trains don’t run to retrace their steps. Either these two residents of Beit Hanina were somewhere they shouldn’t have been on Friday night or the article is not exactly accurate. I have read accounts in other newspapers, too, and the facts don’t match up. While I condemn violence against Arabs, something doesn’t ring right here.

  4. Although if the story is true it is certainly inexcusable what they did to these two Arabs, non-the-less, it was stupid of them to be snooping around late at night in a Jewish area shortly after the nearby Arabs have been violently rioting near N’vei Yaakov.

  5. Amicable, I would not be so quick to pass judgement. If more of these domestic attacks continue, Arabs might begin to fear to walk among us, as we fear to walk among them.

  6. And here I thought the apology tour was winding down. Oh well, no rest for the weary. I expect to see apology “statements” from our “concerned” Organizations, forthcoming.