Rivlins Moving to the President’s Residence


riv2After taking the oath of office, President Reuven Rivlin and First Lady Nechama announced they do not wish to move into the President’s Residence, preferring to continue living in their modest apartment in the Yafeh Nof neighborhood of the capital while conducting activities at the official residence.

After a few short days on the job the president and his wife have come to realize their decision is resulting in an enormous inconvenience for neighbors in their building and residents of other buildings on their street. In addition, they understand the expense of providing security for them in the middle of a residential neighborhood is far more costly than in the Presidential Residence, which is designed around the security requirements. As such, the Rivlins have given the green light and they are going to move into the President’s Residence after renovations to accommodate their lifestyle are completed.

The first days in office for President Rivlin have unfortunately been very busy as he goes from shiva visit to shiva visit, meeting with the families of the fallen IDF soldiers from Operation Protective Edge.

In statements to the media President Rivlin has been full of praise for the soldiers, the reservists and the resilience of the homefront.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Great choice for President and first lady.

    Simple, kind, traditional, caring people who will earn the respect of the people of Israel and neighboring nations.