NYS Gov. Cuomo Says Situation In Israel Is ‘Complicated And There’s Pain On Both Sides’


cuomNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed on Monday that he is weighing a trip to Israel, an excursion that would mark the first international travel of his administration.

“I have not yet set a plan to visit, but it’s not out of the question,” Mr. Cuomo said at an unrelated news conference in Buffalo, N.Y. “I have been corresponding with Israeli officials on the current situation that is going on in the Middle East.”

“This is complicated and there’s pain on both sides — I get that,” Mr. Cuomo said on Monday. “But I also get that this country has a relationship with Israel that is very important, and New Yorkers do and personally I do. I’ve been to Israel before, I’ve been to Israel during times of terrorist attacks before, as a sign of solidarity. I have two brothers-in-law who are Jewish and I brought them with me last time. So it’s important to my state. It’s important to my family.”



  1. 1. The Democrats appear to be moving away from supporting Israel, probably motivated more by their neo-isolationism than by anti-Semitism.

    2. The Middle East is an example of democracy (small “d”) at work. The Israelis elected government that is committed to stopping random rocket and terrorist attacks on its civilians, and is doing it. The Palestinians elected a government that is committed to pressing claims to all of Eretz Yisrael and to work to prevent Israel from gaining international legitimacy, and that’s what they are doing. For the Israelis to agree to a well armed Gaza with impunity to kill Israelis would be to betray their voters. And for the Palestinians to agree to a disarmed Gaza, and to give up attacking Israeli civilians, would be to betray those who elected them.

  2. To #1

    Both sides ARE suffering. Nothing wrong with saying that.

    We weren’t allowed to sing Shira when the mitzrim were drowning in the sea. Same thing here. Don’t sing Shira. It’s not good practice not to feel someone else’s pain even if they deserve it.

  3. #3 excuse me. Really? Which Torah did you get that from? From what I read and know we sang “Az Yashir Moshe…” immediately afterwards. In fact we sing (or read) this everyday as part of the Shaharit Tefillah. Are you aware of this and aware of its translation as well. I recommend you read it. In fact other songs as well such as the song of Devorah. They all show that we are happy about the downfall of Am Yisrael’s- and Hashem’s enemies.