Terrorists Emerged from the Tunnel & Fired a Rocket at the IDF Position


142The Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel and fired a rocket at an IDF position on Monday, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av.

The attack occurred at 19:00. Five to seven terrorists in military uniforms carrying AK-47 assault rifles were also armed with explosives and anti-tank rockets. It is believed the terrorists used an access point to a tunnel that was discovered and closed by the IDF earlier. No explanation is given. One of the terrorists was killed. The others succeeded in fleeing via the tunnel. The IDF reports they did try to take at least one body of a soldier with them back in the tunnel. B”H they were not successful in doing so.

The IDF is investigating how they used the tunnel that was already addressed earlier and why they were undetected prior to opening fire.

Four IDF soldiers HY”D were killed in that attack.

The IDF estimated that 60% of the 32 tunnels that were discovered have been destroyed, 20% are in the advanced stages of being destroyed and 20% are in the early stages of being destroyed.

Military officials on Monday stated they require a minimum of an additional week to complete destroying the tunnel infrastructure.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)