‘Go to Gaza’ Doctor Refuses to Help 90 Year Old Jewish Woman Suffering from Rib Fracture


JudensternA Flemish doctor Wednesday night on the telephone manned as a duty of physicians refused to provide medical help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman who had suffered a rib fracture. “I will not come! Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will not feel pain anymore,” was the reply. The doctor said shortly after the story became known that this was done in an “emotional frenzy.” The Health Department is investigating the matter.

It was the son of the 90-year-old Bertha Klein who yesterday evening around 11 pm phoned the doctors’ help line. His mother was in agonizing pain after she had suffered a rib fracture. The doctor discovered very quickly that it was a Jewish patient: her name and Antwerp address betrayed all that, as well as the accent (Klein is American).

When the family asked if the doctor could come to the aid of this woman in terrible pain, he replied bluntly, “I will not come,” and put the phone down. The family called back immediately; then the doctor said, “Send her to the Gaza Strip for several hours, she will not feel pain anymore then.”

The family was in shock and meanwhile phoned a friend, Samuel Markowitz, district councilor in Antwerp for the Open VLD. Markowitz also knew that a physician should never refuse a patient. He himself called the help line and confronted the doctor with his statements (the interview was also recorded for later proof).

The doctor admitted the facts and said that this was in “a fit of emotion.” Markowitz explained all this to the the head of the Department of Health for the Antwerp region, while the grandson of the 90-year-old woman, Hershy Taffel, registered a complaint with the police for racism and xenophobia.

Mr. Taffel tells how his grandmother burst into tears. “This reminds me of what we underwent in Europe 70 years ago, I never thought that day would ever be repeated.”

(Source: JihadWatch.com) 


  1. IF the local government does not cancel the doctor’s license and fire him from his job, it will be a serious incident. I suspect that the government there will take action.

  2. “This reminds me of what we underwent in Europe 70 years ago, I never thought that day would ever be repeated.”

    OUR EYES are opening up to a new ANTI-Jewish reality that was assumed to be dead…..

  3. This is the reality of Liberalism. Europe, and soon to be
    the US have openned the floodgates to the world. Now these Countries with their Liberal rights will become the New Fascist states & they have only to thank themselves. This is the world -be jealous of anybody with money -go to these places- overtake them and then get the Jews! Don’t worry because Hashem is on our side.