Bill Clinton Slams Hamas For Using International Money To Dig Tunnels; And Store Rockets In Schools


clinFormer President Bill Clinton on Saturday sharply criticized Hamas for deliberately endangering civilians and using international aid to build a network of tunnels into Israel.

Speaking at a memorial service for Tribune-Review owner Richard Mellon Scaife, Clinton lamented the series of foreign policy crises that have cropped up from Eastern Europe to the Middle East in recent weeks.

“How could the people in Gaza, who started rocketing Israel, think that it was OK to use international aid money to dig tunnels to increase their ability to destabilize the region and kill people?” Clinton told about 150 Trib Total Media employees at the memorial service at Scaife’s boyhood home in Ligonier.

“How could they put rockets in a school to follow a deliberate strategy to force the deaths of their own civilians so as to make Israel look bad in the world?” Clinton said.



  1. Your assumption is your dealing with menstschen and because of that you give hamas strong position as if they are some1 to negotiate with and thats why you say how could they.. but you are wrong! they are animals and thats how they could… and thats why you are wrong in your assumption that they are a baal dovor to speak to.

  2. But, killing Israelis is ok….right Bill ? As long as it is not with international aid or not done from schools. G-d save us if he come to power again with his wife. Eight more years of gehinom…..

  3. Bill Clinton sides with Israel while his wife Hillary sides with the PLO. How do they live together? Perhaps that is why he needs to stray.

  4. And how we’re you ‘smart’ enough to try making ‘peace’ with Rabin and Arafat ys’v which the latter had the same intentions as Hamas?

  5. “Bill Clinton sides with Israel while his wife Hillary sides with the PLO ”

    Hamas is not and has never been part of the PLO and Hillary has not sided with it.