Arabs Target Chabad Shliach in Sweden – Throw Moltov Cocktail At Him While Walking Home From Shul


fboThe following is via COL:

“I wish I could say Malmo is getting safer for Jews but unfortunately it isn’t,” Rabbi Shneur Kesselman, the Swedish city’s only rabbi, told The Local newspaper two months ago.

Sadly, he was proven right this past Shabbos.

A molotov cocktail was thrown at Kesselman and members of the Jewish community as they were walking home from synagogue on Friday night.

Heading to enjoy a Shabbos meal, a car stopped near them and its passengers began uttering slurs. When the fire bomb was thrown at the Jews, Kesselman and his Chabad House members managed to move aside, narrowly being saved.

Malmo police immediately arrived at the scene but the perpetrators are yet to be found. Kesselman said they were of Arabic origin, many of whom live in the city.

“I was saved thanks to a miracle, he told the Hamevaser newspaper. “The response to this incident and the great miracle is by adding light that will overpower the darkness and the anti-Semitism that is spreading in Sweden and Europe.”

Kesselman, who moved on Shlichus to Malmo in 2004, has experienced plenty of anti-Semitic taunts, The Local reports. Ordeals have included someone carving the word ‘Palestina’ onto his car, and the abuse is ongoing.

“Just last week somebody spat in my face and shouted ‘da– Jew’ at me. It has never happened on a daily basis, but the harassment is something I still experience, and as a result I don’t spend so much time in town,” Kesselman said 2 months ago.

(Source: COL)