North Miami Beach Community Meets With Law Enforcement Officials Over Security Concerns After Murder Of Rabbi Yosef Raksin


rakA South Florida community has major security concerns after a New York rabbi was gunned down while walking to Shul.

Members of the community gathered at a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss security measures and hear from police, prosecutors with the Sate Attorneys Office and members with the Department of Homeland Security. “People should not focus on why? Was it a hate crime, a burglar. Let’s get the who. Let’s find out who this was and then we will figure out the why later,” said Jeb Handwerger, a concerned resident.

“People need to take action,” said resident Hershy Riesel.

“This happened on a Saturday morning of all times, which is just very odd,” said Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Patky Changakachith.

Changakachith said the shooting is odd because the Northeast Miami-Dade neighborhood is usually quiet. Members of the Jewish community usually head to temple in groups.

“We are looking forward to results. We are looking forward to see a calm, safe and secure community,” said community leader Rabbi Yosef Marlow.

When Rabbi Yosef Raksin was gunned down last Saturday, it shook the Jewish community to its core. “It doesn’t compute to me why would you shoot or even try to rob a person who was peacefully trying to go to temple to pray?” said Changakachith.

Changakachith is keeping an eye for those who are responsible or those who might have a clue that leads to an arrest.

When Raksin was shot, a neighbor ran to his aid. The Good Samaritan’s wife said, “We heard a gunshot and then he heard a cry for help.”