PHOTOS: 4 Year Old Child HY’D Killed in Mortar Attack Erev Shabbos


A 4 year old child was killed when a mortar fired from Gaza hit the vehicle he was in. The attack occurred in Shar Hangev, a few miles away from Gaza. According to initial reports, the mortar hit the vehicle, critically injuring the boy, who later died of his wounds. The boy would be the fourth civilian in Israel to be killed in an attack from the coastal territory since the outbreak of conflict on July 8, and the first Israeli death since an Egyptian-brokered truce broke down earlier this week.  Baruch Dayan Ha’emmes…..




  1. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes.
    Emotions keep changing by the minute…
    First sadness, then sickened, soon (I’m afraid) anger.

    For mortar fire there is no siren…

    I ask you, PM Netanyahu, MK Livni, MK Lapid…do you also have children?
    How long will you stay under the thumb of those evil men in the US/UN/EU?
    Your colleagues in Bayit HaYehudi, Israel Beiteinu have spoken out…please listen.
    Fear only HKBH.

  2. Tirtza
    We r all with u & secret formula or idea how to stop the rockets or mortars shooting into Israel without many more death of kedoshim…

  3. To #2

    You are absolutely wrong. Israel can launch a massive ground invasion, take over Gaza and set up a security buffer zone.

    I’ve had property in the US taken away by eminent domain because the municipality had to build a highway. To prevent rocket attacks, there is nothing other than global pressure preventing israel from eminent domaining a sufficient security buffer.

    There is really no reason this isn’t being done other than world anti Semitic pressure

  4. to #2 ujm :

    The mortar fire came from the region of Gaza that was given to hamas by Sharon (YM) and yes, by Bibi who voted for the “disengagement”. Bibi and Sharon signed a death sentence for this boy back in 2005.
    And you are wrong: Bibi could save the live of this by re-taking Gaza back.

  5. @2 I don’t know…doesn’t Israel also have mortars? don’t we have tanks? is there no bomb in the Israeli arsenal that can bust the tunnels, into which they escape after they fire?(besides for mortars, with limited range they may have even snuck out of their rat holes)
    Does the PM command the IDF or does Kerry?
    Or are we too concerned about Gazans and world opinion?
    Do we have to let even one of our children die(or soldiers, for that matter) so THEIR children can live, to strap a bomb on them when they reach 13 and blow up our soldiers/chidren.
    The IDEOLOGY is EVIL..THE IDEOLOGY behind these attacks must be stopped!
    I am a mother, I usually deplore the killing of innocent civilians and the children in Gaza are innocent(even if their parents are not) but if it is a matter of them or us…I choose us.
    I do not consider myself ridiculous…passionate, angry, maybe, but ridiculous, no, not when it comes to doing our upmost to saving Jewish lives.

  6. b”h everyone over here is willing to send many soldiers to their death. it takes a special strength to be in the comfort of USA and ask mothers.fathers,wives, children to have their loved ones killed, and who is sending them people who never served a day in their life in the military. you should all be ashamed of yourselves by calling yourself frum and have such little regard for jewish lives, i like you first to send your loved ones to the front, don’t be brave on someones blood, donate yours first.

    my great rebbe the hagodol hakodosh the tzaddik the lembe rabbe tought his hassidim to daven that there should be no korbonos not that there should be. the world should learn from him how to be such a bal rachamim

  7. #4 and #5: A massive ground operation will cost MANY many more lives than sitting out the rockets. In the current war, in over a month there have been four rocket deaths and 64 ground invasion deaths. And that was only a limited incursion into Gaza. A full-fledged invasion to take over (and then maintain soldiers indefinitely there) would possibly cost HUNDREDS of lives c’v.

  8. Here’s my secret formula. No more ceasefires in the middle of combat. No more warning shots in order to bomb empty buildings. No more free electricity to the enemy.

  9. Baruch Dayen Ha’Emmes.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family. May Hashem give them the strength to get through this nightmare.
    P.S. Everything is in Hashems hands. Not in Netanyahu’s or the U.N’s or anyone elses for that matter.
    This was a terrible tragedy but, unfortunatly it was meant to be. We must stop obsessing over all the politics and focus more on prayer because ultimately everything is in Hashems’s hands.

  10. A massive ground invasion would lead to the deaths of many soldiers. Yes, it is war, and yes, soldiers die, but if we can avoid it we will.

  11. Israeli authorities must immediately launch both criminal investigations and civil lawsuits against the terrorist supporting and enabling UNWRA.

  12. 1) announce to the world all innocent people in gaza their will be buses coming to take them out . Set them up in temp. Trailer homes 2) israeli Air Force once innocent people are out destroy the entire place with air bombs and anything they need to demolish the area and all terrorist and their artillery etc…. 3) this solution saves lives, time and money. Pass to idf or Knesset folks

  13. enough is enough– the solution is simple but horrible– a well placed nuclear device in downtown gaza city will solve all the problems (there are NO innocent women and children– who gives food to the terrorists? transports them from place to place? fixes their cars? makes their beds??), no more rockets, no more Hamas, no more Israeli soldiers in danger, no more spilled Jewish blood and a place (gaza) that can’t be repopulated for at least a decade– we never wanted Gaza anyway, and neither does any other Arab country.

  14. I think that too many in the Torah world are ignorant of the Torah laws of warfare, and therefore they erroneously conclude that “civilian Gazans” are ipso factso “innocent civilians.”

    But what does the halacha in fact call for in cases of war?

    Answer: It calls for COLLECTIVE punishment, for all except for those who either 1) are willing to risk their lives and openly speak out against the leaders of their war against Israel, and/or 2) they flee the country.

    Other than these, there is collective punishment based upon the following sources:Kesef Mishneh’s comments on the Mishneh Torah, hilchot Rotzeah u-Shmirat Nefesh/Laws of Murder and Saving Lives, Chap.4; also see Bach, the Shach, and the Gra, commenting on Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 158, and Choshen Mishpat 425. Similarly, the S’ma writes: “Concerning a time of war, the Sages said: ‘Kill even the best of the adversary’ and we are even commanded to lead them to their deaths.

    The Knesset ha-G’dolah writes: “If an individual among the combating enemy announces that he, personally, does not take part in the war, even so, since his nation in its totality continues to wage war against our Jewish brethren, the right thing to do is to kill him.” In other words, we either do not trust his sincerity of surrendering, or our risks are too great in trying to save him. Either way, we must accept the halachah l’maase, and not be subjected to our hearts feelings and emotions; nor may we be subjugated to so-called “political considerations” i.e. like “world opinion,” etc.

  15. Please Chareidim: Go to this boy’s funeral if you have any love for your brother in your heart. Yes I am stereotyping, even though not all chareidim are haters, because unfortunately too many of them are like that and spread their hatred, which is why I speak against them.

  16. @7 You mention that we are all sitting here in the US telling the PM and cabinet what to do and we have no right since we have not served or are not the family members of the soldiers that will do the fighting.
    Well, I have never served in any Armed Forces but I do know that those IDF troops sitting outside Gaza are even sadder and frustrated than myself at this death of the child, and the others injured,and the constant shelling in the South, as well. HOW do I know? Because I am one of those mothers who has a son sitting outside Gaza and I communicated with him on Erev Shabbos, he and his chaverim will support the government in it’s decision, whatever it is, but they would gladly reenter Gaza and fight an enemy that seeks our demise. G-d forbid and that eventually will need to be met in battle.
    As much as I love and fear for my son, I would totally support the necessary action to eliminate an implacable foe. Better that they use more force and surprise against our enemies and spare the soldiers, however.
    I trust that good Yidden, like yourself, and the zechus of your holy rebbe’s prayers will protect them when they go to battle.

  17. tirtza,
    I fully believe everything ur saying is from ur heart! Im with u on ur side!! I daven for ur son and every soldier shud be in the hands of hashem and be protected from this crazy war!! I daven for the coming of mashiach! I cant stand all this pain anymore. It hurts me to much to see yidden die. I know that hashem is with ALL of us and watching every one of his children no matter were they are!My heart goes out to this precious innocent adorable boy. may his family heal from this horrible tragedy, im with them in their pain. And all the families that has had tragities. we ALL need to daven to hashem and beg him to send mashiach and peice. tirtza I am davining for ur son, he should be safe and protected! hashem is holding his hand, and holding all of klal yisroel as well. may we only hear good news.

  18. #21 shalom
    Waiting still for you and your crowd to show love or a shred of bonafide concern for your religion

    and for those who tremble for it

    For how much longer ?