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Photo Implies ISIS Threat to Chicago

Sears_ViewFromRiver1_AWThe Following is Via

There is another chilling Chicago connection in the battle between the US. and extreme Islamic militants isil (ISIS).

First there’s the beheading of the journalist who was the Northwestern graduate.

Now WGN Investigates has found an online war of words and disturbing images that includes an implied threat to a Chicago landmark building.

It’s a nasty, sometimes horrible back and forth coming on the heels of U.S. bombing of ISIS forces in Iraq involving Facebook and Twitter pages with titles like, #AMessageFromISIStoUS and vice versa.

Near the top of this tit for tat is the gruesome video and pictures of journalist James Foley’s beheading.

They’re reacting to one of the tweets which shows the ISIS flag in front of the White House.

But scroll down a little farther and you see a picture that might look familiar. Not the writing, which appears to be in Arabic, but the building in the background. That’s on Michigan Ave.


307 N. Michigan Ave to be precise. It’s at the corner of Michigan and South Water Street and it’s called the Old Republic Building.

What we found online was stunning. So we brought it to the attention of the building security team. The apparent message in this photo dated June 20th of this summer, is “soldiers of the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria will pass from here soon.”


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  1. That’s scary, these animals are every where. They can’t really do much, but they will terrorize the entire nation. Remember the Boston bombing? The local police shut down the entire city for two days just to look for one little boy terrorist who set off an explosion at the marathon. Just imagine if we have ten or even five of these loose animals running down streets in NYC or Chicago or LA firing randomly at people, how the entire city will be on lock down trying to capture them or even find them, and every other city will be on high alert, they can definitely paralyze cities and put terror everywhere. America, its time to wake up and take action here not just in a Iraqi desert, time to take action here! You know very well where they all are, you know very well who took these pictures and who posted them online, and who’s twitter accounts these belong to, its not that hard to track a twitter account who it belongs to and who created it. Time to take action and go after every single one of them, round them up in a public square with a firing squad shooting them with bullets to the head, that’s the only language they understand. That’s the language Saddam and Assad spoke with them for decades, they behaved, they don’t understand the language of freedom and democracy, you can’t take a barbarian animal and change him, they only can be contained through a dictatorship with a gun to the head. Either you treat them that way, or expel them all out of our beautiful country before its too late.

  2. We can’t even get public support for having the government listen in on the telephone calls that suspected terrorists make. The Left and the Right are both attacking Obama with a vengence on this, accusing him and his National Security Agency of all kinds of abuses of power. And there is nothing that the government can do to prevent terrorist wannabes from accumulation huge weapons arsenals, as New York City is the only place in the entire country where everyone who wants to purchase a firearm needs to pass a background check.

    Without the best intelligence gathering possible, how can you find the terrorists who are the threat? It isn’t the ISIS gunmen in the Iraqi desert who will be carrying out terrorist attacks in the US, it is people who are probably already here, accumulating arsenals for their bad deeds. Our insane demand for liberty will result in the loss of the most fundamental liberty.

  3. Charliehall, do me a favor don’t start me off on Obama, he does nothing about our security, for the past two weeks his head is buried in his golf games on vacation, and the son-like black mobster that was killed in Ferguson. To have passion for his brothers is much more important than the security of the nation. Right after he gave a speech last week, he went right back to his game, it shows a lot of responsibility and leadership lol. He is against gun control because his brothers all have bad records and can’t live without guns on the streets. and for the public support of the government collecting info about suspected terrorists, I don’t think anyone in this country is against that, what they against is a massive collective gathering of information of every single citizen, that’s what we don’t support.

  4. I keep hammering the same point in every discussion because I think it the most important thing underlying every piece of news we see, especially frightening ones like this: Hashem is talking to us, warning us to look only to Him to save us and not to a more powerful US or a more powerful Medinas Yisroel. Until we get that point clear, He’s going to keep upping the ante, coming up with more and more powerful and frightening threats.

    Around the fortieth anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the Modia reran an article based on talks that Rav Gifter, zatzal, gave just after the Yom Kippur War. In it he said:
    “If at a time like this we persist in counting Phantoms [fighter planes], discussing the tactics and motives of Dr. Kissinger, and pinning our hopes on the survival in office and the continued initiations of President Nixon, then we are clearly conveying a lack of comprehension of the Divine message.”

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