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Terror Near Betar Illit – A Resident was Beaten by Arabs [UPDATED 14:24 IL]


14:24: Asher Eisenbach works as a contractor. He is chareidi and a resident of Betar Illit. He was traveling to bring Arab laborers who work for him but never expected to become a victim of Arab terror.

A number of young Arab males saw the lone chareidi man in his vehicle and threw a boulder at the windshield along with at least one firebomb. This brought the vehicle to an abrupt halt. They then dragged him from the vehicle and began beating him.

B’chasdei Hashem the IDF arrived in the area and extricated him before they killed him.

Betar officials are calling on residents not to enter the village, Hussan, explaining the population is extremely hostile towards Jews.

13:10 IL: An avreich was attacked by Arabs near the entrance to Betar Illit, on the Hussan Bypass Road. According to the preliminary report the man was dragged out of his car by Arabs and taken into Hussan.

He was rescued by the IDF and later treated by Ichud Hatzalah, with the latter reporting he is in moderate condition. Additional information to follow.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I know how all the posts following the story will say all kinds of things about not hiring arab laborers etc. Some might go so far as to say it serves him right רח”ל.
    But being a resident of ביתר you have to know some background.
    ביתר is a relatively new city -23 years since its inception – and boasts a population קע”ה of nearly 60,000 נפשות. Chussan is right outside our city. They were part of of city from day 1. They’re arabs but generally gentler -certainty not hostile – and they’ve been employed here since day one. They understand that they’re arab and undergo security check as they enter each day. They do their work, get paid and go home. Here and there we’ve had an issue – much alike sibling rivalry with boys – but not this kind of stuff. As a society we’re going to have to re-address the whole parsha. Arabs are arabs are arabs and they hate us. Their is no loyalty PERIOD! רפואה שלמה to ר’ אשר.

  2. Is he an Avreich or a contractor? or is it similar to me getting every piece of mail addressed to me as Rabbi ploni ploniberg even though I ain’t no rabbi??

  3. I drive past Hussan quite often to go to Yerushalyim. It is a very unpleasant feeling to drive by & I only feel safe once I get to Beitar. Between Beitar & the Gilo checkpoint it is extremely unnerving. Yaapchik, maybe it is time we stopped using Arab labor, but unfortunately, like in the US, too many yidden think they are above bricklaying or stocking shelves in a supermarket. They won’t do manual, low paid jobs, every kolel yungerman wants to have a side job as a CEO.

  4. Computer bubby, you’re right! Both about that road and about the workers!
    Giving it up is like telling Americans to hire only Kollel wives and high school girls to be cleaning ladies in homes! Think about it!
    Now we’re left with little choice though! Besides, these arabs are good workers and they’ve been quite “ok” for a long time!
    Meanwhile ר’ אשר needs a רפואה שלמה.

  5. If you travel in that area without a GUN you should say good buy to your family first and than risk your life as a SHOTEH

  6. #5 A chashuva woman in Ramat Bet Shemesh, originally from Brooklyn cleans homes in Bet Shemesh and helps to support her family.

    Perhaps many of our issues, (shidduchim, parnassah,education) are suffering from these LABELS and STEROTYPES…. Arabs are not our friends, brothers and if anything hostile cousins. Keep them far away!!

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