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Hikind: Israeli Government Should Treat Aaron Sofer As Missing IDF Soldier

asAssemblyman Dov Hikind attended a press conference in Lakewood today to address growing concerns over 23-year-old Aharon Sofer of Lakewood, New Jersey, who has been missing since Friday when he went on a hike with a friend in the Jerusalem Forest.

“What I want to say to the Israeli government is this: Treat Aharon as if he was a missing Israeli soldier,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “We know what the Israeli government does when an Israeli soldier goes missing.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Do these types of statements really accomplish anything? Israel has the best search and rescue teams in the world, as we’ve seen from their work at major disasters, and I’m sure they’re doing everything to find Aharon ben Chuldah.

  2. If you want the Israelis to do something the USA need to send the FBI as a help to the Israelis forces then they will get on they’r toes and will try to prove that they don’t need the Americans help

  3. Where does Hikind come off telling the government of EY to treat a lost hiker as if he was a chayal in the IDF? These black hat yeshiva bochurim regularly demonstrate against any requirement for military service. What have they done to warrant diverting scarce military sources to aid the search already being conducted by hundreds of police and volunteers?

  4. Don’t be naive Americans the isreali government is certainly not treating him like a abducted person who is secular

  5. Can someone explain how the moderators of a sight named “Yeshiva…” allow anti-semitic comments like those of #1 & 7 pass.

  6. Where is Obama on this? Please, US citizens residing in the United States, contact your congressmen and call the White House. It’s time the president also took responsibility for his Jewish citizens.

  7. #4 well said

    #6 “These black hat yeshiva bochurim” are holier and more valued than guys like you.

    “What have they done to warrant diverting scarce military sources to aid the search,” you ask. These holy yeshiva bachurim ARE the only true protectors of Israel. The immoral corruptions going on in the military – where no Torah Jew may step foot – caused the death of 64 soldiers and to lose the war again.

  8. #7 #6 etc…


    With all their frothing,
    deep inside they love charedim ,and will search harder than for a secular

    (The problem is a sad swirl, they hate that they full of such love )

  9. To #6: They have been learning and davening for the Zechus of the 50’000 soldiers and 8 millions Israelis and were successful achieving that we didn’t have not many more casualties!

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