Crown Heights: Father, Son Assaulted In ‘Knockout Attack’ – NYPD Arrests Man With Extensive Psychological History


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koAn apparent knockout attack took place in Crown Heights on Tuesday morning and sent a Jewish father and son to the hospital.

At approximately 9:30 am the 46 year old Jewish male and his 6 year old son were attacked by a man who punched them as they were getting into a car on President Street near Albany Avenue.

“He came out of the blue and punched my son from behind,” the victim told COLlive.

An NYPD patrol car was immediately flagged down, and when the two officers exited their vehicle the perp fled with the officers in foot pursuit, police said.

The officers apprehended the perp at the next corner on Troy and President. The perp resisted arrest and was maced. Finally, he was arrested and brought to Kings County Hospital for treatment of his injuries and a psychological evaluation.

The attacker is a 40-year-old black male with a long psychological history and suffers from schizophrenia, a spokesperson for the NYPD 71st Precinct told COLlive.

The victims were both treated at the scene by Hatzolah, the father suffering from a cut lip and a lower knee injury and the son pain to the side of his face. Both were transported by Hatzalah Emergency Medical Service to Kings County Hospital.



  1. As long as the mayor considers these attacks a game instead of an assault and the perps are not arrested and behind bars for at least 27 years, it will continue.