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Defense Minister: Deal With Insubordinates From Intelligence Unit 8200 As Criminals

yaalDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is uninterested in hearing of the political and moral dilemma facing the 43 insubordinates, IDF reservists who serve in the elite 8200 intelligence unit. The minister has instructed IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz to deal with them as criminals.

The case deals with a letter sent by the reservists who explain they can no longer comply with orders that they feel violate the basic rights of PA (Palestinian Authority) residents.

Speaking at the Tel Aviv Cyber Conference, Ya’alon addressed the letter that was published to the media by the insubordinates. He explained the military’s operations are based on when one comes to kill you, stand up and get him first.

He added that eavesdropping against PA residents is rare and the IDF views the 43 as seeking to advance their own political views, nothing more. Ya’alon added that anyone with difficulties approaches his commander. This is not the case here since the entire matter is political. He concluded by praising the work done by members of the intelligence unit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. They treat them the same way they treat insubordination by soldiers refusing to obey orders to evacuate Jews from evacuated territories.

  2. The left wing “refusniks” tend to be among the upper class “elite.” The bulk of insubordination in the army is very less elite right-wingers (anxious to chase out the Palestinians) and the totally un-elite hareidim (who refuse to get involved in the war). If the government “coddles” the upper class left-winger who disobey orders, it will have a problem enforcing law and discipline on the rest, be they hawkish religious nationalists or uber-dover hareidim.

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