Guess Where the Missing United Hatzalah Ambucycle was Found


ichudOn Wednesday erev First Day of Sukkos an Ichud (United) Hatzalah ambucycle disappeared. EMT Aaron Klein, like other EMS volunteers is well aware the ambucycle is permitted into security areas and the fact that it disappeared resulted in immediate concern. The ambucycle was parked on Lenders Street at the Bnei Brak Ramat Gan border when it vanished.

Police are called in when such vehicles disappear as they are well-aware how such a vehicle can serve terrorists R”L. While Klein felt bad, he knew he took the appropriate measure as he locked the ambucycle to a pole prior to leaving the city in the morning to take care of errands.

As soon as he returned home on erev yomtov he reported the disappearance of the ambucycle on the radio and other area volunteers began combing the streets in the hope of recovering it. Realizing a search was taking place, a neighbor quickly ran out to bring them to his sukka, which he built during the morning hours while Klein was out of town. He explained that he managed to open the lock and walked the ambucycle to his sukka, using it as an added attraction. He thought doing so would be cool and incorporated the vehicle in the sukka theme.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Written on First Day Chol Hamoed Sukkos)


  1. The neighbor’s theft of the Hatzalah ambucycle highlights a highly depressing fact of frum life in Eretz Yisroel. Whilst the community abounds with chessed organisations that help the public in every imaginable area, the flip side of this is the abject lack of bein adom l’chaveiro on an individual level. From the mundane disrespect for public property by the posting of flyers wherever it suits the individual to the seriously dangerous and inconsiderate parking habits of many, there are so many demonstrations of personal ambivalence to others and the public domain. Why is there this great dichotomy?