Thunderstorms in areas of Israel on Hoshana Raba


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rainn.jpgIt was a stormy Hoshana Raba morning in many areas of Israel. Thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind gusts were present in areas from the north to the N. Negev. As a result, many outdoor activities were canceled including a major Tel Aviv bicycle race. The wintery weather is expected to continue throughout Hoshana Raba, dissipating as Simchas Torah moves in on Wednesday night.

There are limited flash flooding warning for low-lying areas. Temperatures highs expected in some cities around Israel include; Tzfas 19C (66F), Tiveria 29 (84), Haifa 23 (73.5), Yerushalayim 21 (69.8), Ashdod 26 (78.8), Beersheva 25 (77), and Eilat 31 (87.8).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)