Family of Tractor Terrorist YM”S Files Civil Suit Against the State



The family of the terrorist who perpetrated the August 4, 2014 tractor terror attack at Kikar Zvill in Yerushalayim has filed a civil suit against the State of Israel. The tractor driver rammed into a bus, as is documented on video, and flipped it over. Avreich Rav Avrohom Wallis HY”D was murdered in the attack.

The lawsuit was filed in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court seeking 2.5 million shekels from the state in damages. The family maintains the attack was unintentional and the killing of their 19-yer-old son was “reckless”. The suit insists the driver of the tractor struck Wallis unintentionally and the situation did not warrant firing at him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I guess as they live like they’re in the 17th century they haven’t yet heard of this thing called video camera which record live moving images. And as Warner Wolf always said “let’s go to the video”.