3,000 Police Assigned to the Capital to Prevent Islamic Violence


riot policePolice have reopened Har Habayis to permit Muslims to visit the site and conduct Friday prayers. The area was closed down to Muslims and non-Muslims alike on Thursday following the attempted assassination of Har Habayis activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick. Rabbi Glick remains hospitalized in Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Police officials report that generally speaking the Jerusalem force number 1,200 but they are not taking chances, more than doubling the manpower that will be on hand Friday to prevent renewed Arab violence and attacks.

Restrictions are set into place on Har Habayis, with police announcing only persons 50-years-old and older will be permitted on the holy site.

An extremely large police force armed with riot gear will be deployed in the area of Har Habayis and the Old City. Police are hoping the day will pass without incident amid the realization PA (Palestinian Authority) leader Abu Mazen has called  for a Day of Rage on Friday.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)