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Customs Agents in Eilat Nab Illegal Smokes

1Customs agents in Uvda Airport in the Eilat region last week apprehended 240 cartons of expensive cigarettes smuggled in by two friends, residents of Betar Illit. They entered without declaring the contents of their suitcases and they were caught on their return from Moscow after spending only one night there.

Customs officials report the two suitcases contained 240 cartons of cigarettes including Winston, Chesterfield, Rothman, Marlboro and other brands they are sold for a high price in the Israeli market. The travelers are permitted a carton per adult passenger.

Agents learned the cigarettes belonged to one of the two and the second was on board to help him carry them. Agents report the tax on the cigarettes is 43,000 NIS.

Customs agents will have to decide if they wish to proceed with criminal charges against the two.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Avreimi: then the customs agents would need to return the cigarettes. If they don’t press charges they can confiscate and smoke the cigarettes themselves…

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