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Soldier Stabbed & Critically Wounded in Tel Aviv [UPDATED 3:37 PM IL]


At about 12:10 on Monday afternoon 17 Marcheshvan a PA resident of Shechem inside Green Line Israel illegally arrived at the Haganah Street train station. He saw an IDF soldier in his 20s and stabbed him multiple times. The soldier dropped to the ground and lost consciousness. The first arriving EMS units began CPR and when paramedics arrived, they were joined with advance list support measures to save the soldier’s life.

The terrorist fled and was apprehended in the area not too long after the attack. He resisted and struggled with police who tried to take him into custody. One person, presumably a policeman, was lightly injured as they subdued the terrorist. The lightly injured victim is described as a man in his 50s.

Two other victims are being treated on the scene for hysteria. The soldier was transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital as resuscitation efforts continued.

12:23 IL: A man in his 20s has been stabbed by an Arab in a train station in Tel Aviv. Police are treating the incident as a terror attack. The condition of the victim  is grave as CPR is being performed.

12:30 IL: It appears that the terrorist was apprehended and is in police custody at this time. The attack occurred at the Haganah Street train station.

12:31: Ichud (United) Hatzalah reports the stabbing attack occurred at the Derech Haganah Street Bridge very close to the train station.

12:36: The attack occurred at the corner of Levinsky and Haganah Streets near the train station in Tel Aviv. The call came in at 12:12. Efforts to resuscitate the victim continue at this time.

The attacker was apprehended a block away from the scene as he was fleeing the area by police. When he was apprehended a struggle resulted and it appears a policeman was injured as they tried restraining the terrorist.

12:38: The victim is being transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital with CPR and advanced life support efforts ongoing.

12:41: Ichud Hatzalah EMT Nachum Bernstein reports he was among the first on the scene. “When I arrived I saw a member of the security forces on the ground. He was stabbed numerous times and was not conscious. We began working with paramedics to resuscitate him…”.

12:42: Police report the attacker was apprehended in the Haganah train station.

12:49: The terrorist is being identified as a resident of PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Shechem in his 30s who is inside Green Line Israel illegally.

12:56: Contradicting information from EMS and other sources, Israel Police in a Twitter message reports the attack occurred in the train station and the terrorist was apprehended hiding in an area building.

13:11: The wounded soldier is being rushed into emergency surgery at this time.

13:12: Correspondent Kobi Finkler reports the terrorist was apprehended by pedestrians, who then turned him over to Yassam commando forces in the area.

15:37: The terrorist has been identified as 18-year-old Shechem resident Nur al-Din Abu Khashiyeh.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. It won’t stop unless we take serious measures. Hang the terrorist publicly from a tree in his village & let everyone see this is what we do to murderers.

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