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Former Jerusalem Police Chief on How to Deal with Terrorists

hamasDeputy Finance Minister (Yesh Atid) Mickey Levy, a former Jerusalem Police Chief, told Channel 2 News “We are in a state of emergency”. Levy insists the government must invoke serious measures to halt the escalating Arab violence and terror attacks, which many have already dubbed The Third Intifada.

Levy says that the homes of terrorists must be razed, the identity cards of families revoked and then escort them to the PA (Palestinian Authority) to continue living out their lives. Those terrorists and their families that hold Israeli ID cards (residents) and some who are citizens, must lose those privileges and be ousted to understand there is a heavy price to be paid for their actions. He also feels Israel should not hand over the bodies of terrorists for burial.

Levy believes the attacks and the escalating violence can be contained but the government must authorize police and other agencies to act as they must.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. This should also be applied to ‘stone throwers’ or any of them who threaten our safety of walking in the street.It is not enough to punish those involved in a fatal terrorist attack. Also,they and their families should no longer receive any government support.

  2. Maybe the houses of the Zionist “rabbonim” should be razed as well until they stop encouraging senseless ascension to the HAR habyis-thus causing more retzicha……

  3. Teshuva is always a good idea. But when someone’s house is broken in to, he changes the locks and puts in an alarm. When someone is hungry, he eats. When someone stubs his toe, he puts on shoes. And does teshuva, of course.

  4. Jews should stop hiring these barbarians. One of the murderers worked at the Makolet (across the street from the Shul. I hope the owner is happy that he saved a few shekels by hiring that animal.

  5. #4, are you some sort of Neturay Karta wacko? How dare you imply that it is the Zionist Rabbanim who are responsible for this retzicha? The root cause of this evil is the violent hatred at the core of Islam.

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