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WATCH: First MDA Paramedic On Scene At Terror Attack In Har Nof Gives Detailed Description Of Scene (English)

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  1. Gatesheadguy, you listen to a man describe what was probably the most traumatic day of his life, and your first reaction is to judge him? How sad. And then, instead of checking yourself & judging favorably, you feel a need to post your judgement for the whole world to read? Shame. Perhaps you could use an approach like R’ Levi Yitzhchak from Berditchev and find some compassion in your heart for this hero who came very close to getting killed today.
    As an aside, the presentation seems to be a debriefing of sorts. He is presenting his story, as it occurred. And a little conjecture framing his trauma. Not an analysis on bitachon & emunah.
    May you never, ever, find yourself in his shoes. But perhaps imagine yourself there for a moment and wonder if you would have acted as nobly and heroically as he did.

  2. i could not watch this whole video due to the fact that I was deeply perturbed by the lack of emotion in this man’s voice… How could he tell us a play by play of such a tragic scene as though he was describing a movie scene based on fiction?

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