PHOTOS: Neturei Karta Visit Family Of Arab Egged Bus Driver Who Hung Himself Which Caused Riots



Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health stated that the autopsy on Egged bus driver Yousef Hassan Al-Ramoni showed that he hung himself, and that there were no findings that indicated the involvement of any external agent in the act of hanging, nevertheless, the Palestinians blamed Israel for his death, and used it as an opportunity to riot, and attack Jews.

The fact that Jews were hurts in these riots meant nothing to the radicals at Neturei Karta. Instead, they chose to pay their respects to the Palestinian family who hung himself. The same family who claimed that “he was lynched”. Arab media even called him a “martyr who was murdered by Jews”.

It goes without saying that this was done less than 24 hours after the Har Nof Massacre, when two Palestinian terrorists murdered five people in a Har Nof Shul- including the four Kedoshim as well as one Druze hero police officer who risked his life trying to eliminate the terrorists.

So our readers fully understand was these individuals stand for, back in 2011, YWN reported that Neturei Karta’s Yisrael Hirsch called for Israel to be wiped off the map. Hirsch was one of those at the Palestinian home today.

Neturei Karta has a long history of embracing the most vile Hitlers of our time. Yisroel Dovid Weiss of New York has hugged and kissed Hezbollah commanders, as well as with former Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Weiss infuriated Jews around the globe when he attended the Holocaust denial conference in Iran in 2006. Read his speech that he delivered in Iran in 2006.

nk1 (Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. So every time these idiots do something we need to know about it? All this story does is make us more upset over what happened yesterday in Har nof or recently at the train station. It’s time for some nice heartwarming stories. Maybe YWN can find some more stories of chesed and nissim over the last few days. (I know you have done afew).

  2. Hey Mr kuperman!

    Aren’t you supposed to be the first to comment on each and every article?

    Don’t you want to tell us how “this is how real chareidi Jews behave”?

  3. Anti-Tzionism has become a religion for some. Brisk and Toldos Sharon are anti-Tzionist but it has not overtaken them. This is their hashkafa, but they don’t run around to non-Jews screaming against Israel or running to our enemies – those who would kill us as well as these NK idiots – in a heartbeat.
    This new religion has turned normal looking Jews who are otherwise normal and nice, into complete idiots. This is what Yiddishkeit is for them ; anti-Tzionism. And of course if anti-Tzionism is their Yiddishkeit then they will do any and every discusting act, all lShem Shomayim of course, to cast Israel as the instigator that needs to be eliminated.

  4. Neturei Karta never miss an opportunity to befriend those who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    The Zionist company Egged gave this man a job, and they come to his house of mourning and badmouth Zionists.

    It says in Naso:

    וישלחו מן המחנה כל צרוע וכל זב וכל טמא לנפש

    The gematria of נטורי קרתא is equivalent to:
    הם הם צרוע זב טמא לנפש plus the kollel.

  5. reshaim and rotzchim
    instead of going to daven in the shule where the massacre took place because the arabs were trying to bring the end of Zionism as their sign says they do this.

    remember everytime you are approached in Israel or when these guys ring you bell do like I do and ask them if they belong or see eye to eye with neturei karta
    even if they try to hide it you can smell it by the way they answer and if they are
    tell them to go to hell

  6. 2. That is the correct term, I don’t know why so many people make that mistake.
    These people, if you can call them that, are subhuman beings who deserve to be treated like the vermin that they are.

  7. These persons don’t remember that Jews were slaughtered in Hebron 1920 BEFORE there was a state of Israel? They don’t remember the Holocaust where jews were slaughtered BEFORE there was a state of Israel? They don’t remember the Progroms in Russia and Poland BEFORE there was a state of Israel? Those murders of Jews couldnt be blamed on Zionism. Imagine if there was no Israeli police or IDF- how many more people would have been massacred in the shul in Har Nof- at least 30 people and more outside the shul. Though these terrible terror attacks are horrible, actually Jews as a whole are SAFER by the numbers now, than ever in history. In no place in Tanach does it say we should put ourselves into the hands of the goyim and be defenseless and let people kill us. That is anti Torah. V’Shamartem es Nafshosechem, guard your safety and health. The people they are sitting with spread a blood libel against Jews which led to violence- would they have sat with the Gestapo, the Cossacks?? For shame.

  8. Hopefully our readers do draw the distinction between these ‘Rodfim’ and the hayliger, zissa Eretz Yisroel’diger Yidden who also wear the same uniform!

  9. So sickening. These clowns have got to take off their costumes. It’s not like they want to feel included among the Jewish nation or anything. They really want Kaffiyes. Go for it! And by the way, for anyone uncomfortable about telling it like it is with these characters, check out hilchos lashon hara. It is not lashon hara if talking about someone who has taken himself out of the category of AMISECHO! These people have blood on their hands for what they encourage and who they support. it’s not just a matter of difference of opinion, or being a little crazy or annoying. Lo ta’amod al dam reyacha is the source for stopping lashon hara. It is also literal. These NK idiots could care less and therefore if they do not consider our brother kedoshim as “reyacha” they have removed themselves from the klal. they are O-U-T of here.

  10. The champions a fools are at it again,it boggles the mind how anyone can stoop to this low level of ignorance and stupidity,they should be put into a zoo with animals theese circus bozos.

  11. By visiting the bereaved Arab family, the Neturei Karta have again created a massive Kiddush Hashem. Not like one racist rabbi who was content resorting to Nazi terminology when addressing crowds of people at the Har Nof levayahs. Am I the only Orthodox Jew infuriated by the radical rabbi of Har Nof who nonchalantly spewed forth the most abhorrent form of racism in front of hundreds of mourners, twisting the words of the Chofetz Chaim by declaring that “all Arabs are subhuman?” Once we Jews were called untermenschen. What has become of us?

  12. These people are not anti-zionist. Rather they are pro-Arab. They are the Jewish wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of them have a genuine love affair and total fascination with the Muslim religion.

  13. They may be pro-Arab but to the Arabs, they are all the same. Look at Arab anti-Israel cartoons and you’ll see the ‘Israeli’ as someone dressed like NK. Not some kipa sruga or a bald guy with an earring from Tel Aviv. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

    Do they think Arabs not know that “v’sechazeno eineinu b’shuvcho l’tzion b’rachamim” is part of their davening as well?

  14. to # 22 joseph Cohen
    you are a very sick person
    you are obviously a nk
    perhaps related to ahron kohn

    kiddish hashem you rasha is only by doing something that will cause the other person whether jew or gentile to praise and recognize hashem

    you sick sick perverted idiot non orthodox jew

  15. Having on occasion half heartedly defended NK from those who demonized them and tried wrote them off as beyond spectrum,I wish to make a public contrition.

    Experience has taught me,when you defend even reasonable extremists,you give license for some of them to get further extreme

  16. #22– Joseph Cohen you are obviously a very sick individual therfore I will not call you a rasha because it is you illness doing this to you. But I will ask for your name to daven for a refuah shleimah.

  17. I wonder what they would say of their shul was attacked. I wonder what they would say if their own were butchered.

    You know the expression, “a conservative is a liberal who got mugged” ….

  18. Actually to think of it, what’s the big deal with NK anyway? Why if and when NK says and does something we are to condemn it, yet when Satmar and Shas and others do and say somewhat similar things then it is ookay and “Daas Torah”. NK is not much different then others.

  19. I agree with bkylnmom.

    YWN – can you please ban “Joseph Cohen” permanently? The rest of the Jewish world is heartbroken over these atrocities, yet he & his NK buddies praise our enemies. Did he or any of the NK lunatics cry with the rest of us? Did they go or are they going to be menachem avel the families of the Kedoshim?

    PLEASE BAN JOSEPH COHEN. He is a hatemongerer and clearly does not possess a lev tov. I’m not sure he is even Jewish.

  20. Please take down this picture of these neturei karta reshoyim who are no better than the two savages who butchered our fellow yidden in Har Nof.