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Bennett Has a Lesson for ‘Meet the Press’ Host Rina Matzliach


Appearing on the motzei Shabbos Meet the Press program in Israel, Bayit Yehudi leader Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with host Rina Matzliach, speaking of the history of Israel’s fight for survival in the region. He discusses a number of items including unemployment and the economy but the interview begins with the current alarming security situation.

Bennett stresses over and over to “Stop with the occupation and it is time to realize there is an Islamic wave that may last another 100 years”. Bennett says we must be strong and we do not necessarily have to be at war “but we must be strong and we must understand we need to have definitive wins against terror”.

Bennett adds that Ehud Barak tried to divide Jerusalem and give away a great deal and in return we received 1,500 terror victims. He demands a hard hand against terrorists and their families, including the demolition of their homes the same day of the attack, not months later. To stop all benefits to those families and to maintain a standard border police presence in problematic areas.

Bennett points out that perhaps in the world of Oslo Israel’s neighbors will like the Jewish state but this will not occur in the real world. He adds that this is the Middle East and Syria and other countries have not and will not like us and only a strong Israel will deter terrorism.

Bennett disagrees with Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich. Bennett does not feel placing concrete blocks at train station will help for after that was done the terrorists entered a shul. He explains security forces must enter the terrorist’s home at 3AM and nab him in bed before an attack can occur.

Bennett rejects any and all attempts to place the blame on the Jews, including those who visit Har Habayis or other actions, rejecting Rina Matzliach’s attempt to blame Har Habayis for the Arab violence. “Since when did Har Habayis become Muslim property?”

Perhaps we should blame the Jews who sent to daven in shul in Har Nof? Enough of this attitude. It is time to remember we are facing a bitter enemy who does not want us here and that is why there is terror, and no other reason.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. His question of ““Since when did Har Habayis become Muslim property?”” is somewhat puzzling.

    For all his rhetoric, he seems to ignore that the Zionists themselves in 1967 insisted on not taking control of Har HaBayis after capturing it, instead choosing to leave it in the hands of the Muslim Waqf.

    As far as “It is time to remember we are facing a bitter enemy who does not want us here and that is why there is terror, and no other reason.”, he is not being precise. In this context, “us” means Zionists, not Jews per se.

    Before Zionism (meaning before Zionism, not just before 1948, e.g. the Chevron massacre is post-Zionism), the Arabs didn’t do this to the Jews of the old yishuv in E”Y.

  2. I feel like Hashem is pushing the Jewish People in the direction of recognizing that it is Hashem, who created the world; and it is Hashem that decides, to whom Eretz Yisrael belongs to. We could have all learned it from the very first Rashi in the Torah; but unfortunately, every Jewish person doesn’t know the first Rashi in the Torah.

  3. HaKatan: your comments and those of your persuasion are getting tiresome and totally irrelevant. Regardless of what happened npast decades (and your facts are erroneous anyway) it is indisputable that if- G-d forbid- the Arabs rule Israel, every jew would be slaughtered. Or haven’t you followed the news in recent years and what is happening to all minorities in Arab ruled countries? You are delusional if you think otherwise.

  4. It’s more unfortunate that, when it comes to their understanding of Eretz Yisrael, some Jewish people stop at that first Rashi in the Torah and ignore the rest of the Torah (sheBiKsav and sheBaal Peh) and the tefillos we all say like “uMipnei chataeinu galinu meArtzeinu…” in the Mussaf Amidah.

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