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Greenfield and Community Board 12 Praise NYPD for Illegal Parking Crackdown

nypdn1Last night, at the request of Councilman David G. Greenfield and Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein, the 66th precinct engaged in a ticketing blitz to crackdown on illegal commercial parking on 21st Avenue near Washington Cemetery. Parking commercial vehicles on city streets is illegal yet many businesses continue to park their trucks and vans on the avenues that line the cemetery. Greenfield and Perlstein have been working with the NYPD’s 66th precinct and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to address community concerns about illegal parking and unsafe traffic conditions along 21st Avenue.

Commercial parking along the cemetery not only takes away important parking spots for local residents to use, but also creates a public safety hazard. The blocks alongside the cemetery are long and desolate. When trucks are parked on this stretch people walking along the sidewalk are not visible from the street, creating an unsafe zone. This is why Councilman Greenfield and Chairman Perlstein asked Deputy Inspector Deddo of the 66th precinct to crackdown with a ticketing blitz. The ticketing blitz is one of many which the 66th has undertaken to address community concerns. Councilman Greenfield has also requested that the DOT install “no commercial parking” signs along these blocks to reinforce the existing law.

“Commercial parking alongside Washington Cemetery is not only illegal, but it creates a dangerous condition for residents and pedestrians,” said Councilman Greenfield. “Unfortunately at this location there is simply a culture of abusing the law and it’s going to take many more tickets to eradicate this problem. My thanks to the 66th Precinct and Deputy Inspector Mike Deddo for their efforts last night.”

“This action sends a clear message to everyone that is parking illegally in the 21st Avenue area that Community Board 12, Councilman Greenfield and the 66th Precinct are united in stopping this unlawful behavior. Everyone has a right to feel safe in his or her own community and we will not rest until not a single commercial vehicle is parked on 21st Avenue,” said Yidel Perlstein, Chairman of Community Board 12.

Councilman Greenfield and Chairman Perlstein have undertaken several other efforts to improve traffic safety along 21st Avenue. Recently the DOT approved Councilman Greenfield’s request for additional street lighting along 21st Avenue. Three new streetlamps will be coming to 21st Avenue in early 2015. Additionally the Councilman has requested the DOT install traffic lights or stop signs at 57th and 53rd Streets along 21st Avenue to address chronic speeding problems. Anyone with other issues or concerns about traffic safety is encouraged to share them with Councilman Greenfield’s office by calling (718) 853-2704.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Somehow I don’t think it’s so hard to convince the city to give out parking tickets. I’m sure they happily obliged.

  2. When will the councilman and Mr perlstein request a ticketing blitz to deal with the double parking and blocking the box problem along almost every major st. In the 66 pct? Those cars also create major safety concerns for pedestrians who can’t safely cross at any crosswalk or intersection

  3. How about the school buses parked all over in residential areas taking up preaches space , also the busses parked at corners and you can not see the traffic making a turn in to the streets , you can not see pedestrians on the sidewalks it is outright dangerous, why don’t you address this issue equally, why when I come home late from a wedding there is no parking and three buses parked 1:00

  4. Now they’re real politicians. Anything that gets lines the coffers. I’d love to see them put up signs and TOW the trucks. Don’t give the richies an easy parking spot for just a couple of dollars daily.

  5. This was Hikind’s work after he attended a meeting with neighbor’sat my house. Why are Greenfield and Perlstein taking the credit

  6. many cities have parking permits issued to residents of certain zones allowing them all night parking within their zone all others cannot park for longer than 2 or 3 hours

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