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Satmar Announces its Shekel Tahor Fund Ahead of Elections

satNext week, on the 70th anniversary of the day on which VaYoel Moshe of Satmar ZT”L was saved from the Nazis, Satmar will be hosting a large event in Yerushalayim.

The event will be used for the distribution of millions of dollars to mosdos “Al Taharas Kodesh”, meaning mosdos that do not accept funding from the State of Israel or as Satmar refers to it, accepting money from the “Zionist regime”. The event is sponsored by the ‘Shekel Tahor’ organization launched by the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg Shlita two years ago.

Satmar is proud of the fact that this is the sixth time money is being distributed by the fund since the Rebbe was in Eretz HaKodesh in Shevat 5773. Satmar feels that the independence the mosdos gain is invaluable in addition of distancing them from the “Shmad Government” of the secular state.

Satmar laments the fact that there are still chareidi mosdos that rely on state funding, especially now ahead of the elections as it appears the chareidi parties will be taking part in the next coalition government.

In addition, on motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayeishev, Satmar will hold an event in Yerushalayim during which grants will be given to mosdos amounting to millions of dollars.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Do these guys appreciate how important it is to live in Israel – where do they get their Mekorot?
    The State of Israel is not perfect, OK but at least we have sovereignty in the land.
    Does Satmar even know how much money the State has given to Torah study?
    Redemption is a process. The process has started and im worried some of these guys will simply miss it

  2. In the past I used to respect Satmar but not anymore. Given the recent Draft Bill and Geyrus Bill, the frum in Eretz Yisroel cannot afford not to vote. By not voting one is defacto supporting the Chilonim’s efforts to destroy Torah in E”Y. By paying people not to vote, Satmar is actively destroying Torah in E”Y now with their actions. the Rebbe R’ Yoel may have opposed Zionism, but having talked to Talmidim of his (who are rabbanim) they all say he would not support these actions today given what is going on. Shame on Satmar, you are now complicit with the Draft Law, Geyrus Law, and all the other anti-Torah things in Israel by paying people not to vote. We need UTJ and Shas in power to protect Torah in E”Y, and by opposing them they are anti-Torah

  3. Satmar always was the one that give, and providing money for ehrliche yiden from all over the world and special from eretz yistoel. That is why they are so hated because you can’t threaten them. The rebbe zt”l thought us not to believe and not to trust the Israeli government.

  4. The time may have come for them to also use the money to set up their own security/police force, hospital & fire fighters, since they reject the State that protects them, to the point of attacking our police & soldiers.

    What these people seem to not grasp is, NK will not save them if a terrorist attack occurs or if a fire breaks out in those tiny alleys. So they should be prepared & take precautions because no one would blame the emergency services if they refused to go there.

  5. Satmar puts its money where its mouth is. It doesn’t accept government funds for their mosdos and thus the government has zero control or influence over their yeshivos and cannot threaten them.

  6. cf: the article about the frum school that was government funded, and was told they couldn’t restrict admission of the basis of how frum the student was

    The goyim have a phrase “He who pays the fiddler, calls the tune” — it seems some hareidim want to call their tunes, and “Hatikvah” isn’t one of them

  7. What is a Shekel Tahor?

    Untainted by fraud, not involved with money laundering, monies earned after taxes, non graft dollars— what makes the Shekel or Dollar PURE according to Satmar.

  8. the best one of all these blogs is ” Where does satmar get even one shekel tahor from ” dos idi shala baalai chesed mit shmutsedike hent

  9. Efraim312:
    You post, while likely well-meaning, is pretty much opposite the Torah’s view as expounded by the current era’s Torah sages for over a century.

    And as Lior noted, Satmar puts its money where its mouth is.

  10. 1) It is well known that Rabbeinu Yoel was NOT against participation in local (city/municipal) elections. Only national elections – which recognize the State – were out of bounds.
    2) Satmar and the Aidah disavowed themselves from the NK decades ago.

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