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Two Israelis Were Wounded in Rami Levi Supermarket Terror Attack

02Two Israelis sustained light-to-moderate wounds when a 16-year-old Islamic terrorist attacked them with a knife in the Mishor Adumim branch of the Rami Levi chain of supermarkets. A security agent employed at the Prime Minister’s Office was in the store and he fired at the terrorist, striking him in a leg. He was then restrained. Two other Arabs were taken into custody, suspected of assisting the perpetrator. The wounded victims were transported by Magen David Adom paramedics to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

The three Arabs, residents of al-Azariya, which is next to Maale Adumim, arrived at the store together in one vehicle. They entered the store and then began to jump on shoppers. The security agent who was shopping saw the terrorist armed with a knife and drew his weapon and fired at his lower torso. The terrorist is listed in light-to-moderate condition.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu telephoned the security agent employed in his office to commend him on his quick and appropriate response, thereby preventing a significantly more serious outcome.

Police detained a store employee that believed might have been connected to the attack but he has since been released. The store reopened about 90 minutes following the attack.

The PA (Palestinian Authority) Maan News Agency added that Israeli security forces entered the home of the al-Azariya residents and interrogated family members.

Officials releasing a statement for the supermarket chain reassured the public, adding that while the law demands one security guard, many of their stores have two as Rami Levi is doing whatever possible to provide safety and security for shoppers. They also point out the attack could have occurred in any supermarket anywhere around Israel.

After the recent alarming wave of fatal terror attacks in Yerushalayim, The Rami Levi chain advertised it is seeking to replace its over 1,000 Arab employees with Jews.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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