Israel Facing American Sanctions Over Ongoing Construction


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ejAccording to a report appearing in Haaretz, the White House is not planning to stand by and permit Israel to continue building in areas of Yerushalayim it views as “occupied”. This includes Jerusalem neighborhood such as Ramot, Gilo, Armon HaNatziv and Ramat Shlomo as examples.

The report states US officials are reviewing “harsher sanctions” against Israel as a result of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s defiance of White House dictate.

Haaretz adds that while senior American officials are not denying the report, they are not releasing any details referring to what President Barak Obama has in mind to rein in the prime minister. Relations between the Israel and the current US administration have been strained at best, including Obama’s first term and his current second term. The White House has adopted a position that is distant from the cordial relations seen in previous administrations.

Haaretz explains some of the US counter-measures may include America abstaining in UN Security Council votes against Israel instead of usually intervening to use its veto power and seeking to prevent funding of projects throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But billions are still going to al-Sisi and Assad. That’s America for you!
    Not only is bambi destroying America he’s destroying American values too.
    “Support Destruction – Not Construction!”

  2. Oh, but then on the other hand he is backing off on Iranian nuclear construction program: so actually he does support construction!
    I guess I’m confused!

  3. Esav is showing its true colours

    Xtendom is frightened because their entire theology is in tatters

    mashiach is getting closer.
    I am like Rabbi Akiva, I laugh at this stuff – Esav cannot stop the redemption no matter what they try

  4. THIS is what America wants to focus on?!?!? That a nice ehrliche family in Ramot or Ramat Shlomo wants to build a mirpeset or expand their kitchen? That’s what all the world’s problems boil down to?!?!?!
    I have some better things to focus on: how about ISIS? Hezbollah? Hamas? Iran? Russia? Ukraine? Yemen? All the unrest in the middle-east? Hellllooooo!!!

  5. Does anyone have an estimate on what the Jews population would be today if not for continuous genocides(since the beginning)? What would be the size and location of their current country?

    Not allowed to live anywhere, stuffed into the tiniest piece of land on earth right on top of another population, then both synthetically antagonized, and not allowed to “expand” anywhere, of course not unlike the orchestrators.

    At the same time we’re seemingly handed a temporary megaphone amplifying our presence in the world and power which will one day be stripped. I’m foreseeing on the current path the population plunged into a world wide u.s. style “democracy” in which the Jewish population and voice will have zero effect and become open targets.

    I hope I’m not the only one that can see the reasons for this, as apparently I am.

  6. obama is Pro Moslem and anti Israel since day 1 The stupid leftist Jews who vote for him are cutting themselves into piece. Wish anything should happen to remove obama now

  7. The conventional wisdom espoused by all is that while Obama is no friend of Israel’s he’s also not an enemy. I think he’s showing his true colors now and we can put him down in the enemies column.

  8. In January when both House go back into session they will be run by a Republican majority. We have seen from the past that the Republican Senators and Congressman fully understand what this psychotic president is trying to do. Besides bankrupt the country, he wants to deny US Veterans their right to treatment, eventually the paper trail will lead back to the White House with the IRS scandal and they both Houses if they can conjure up enough testosterone should impeach this worthless racist president. If he’s allowed to continue another two years, Israel will always be on the cutting block and every chance this president gets he will try to take pot-shots at Israel and try to withhold funding for necessary projects. If that’s the case, Israel can wreak havoc on the US the kind they haven’t ever seen. The Democratic Jews will get the shock of their lives and come to a realization that while they have an allegiance to the US for opening its doors to their parents when they arrived off the boats from Europe, the US has become increasingly anti-Semitic.
    All American Jews should have their heads above ground this time that they vote. They must not be swayed by any people of color but by their qualifications and their positive attitude towards Israel. I think we should send some educated members of the Beta Yisrael to the U.S. and have them run for political office. If Obama wants to see people of color then he shall have them but they will be Jewish People of Color.