Update on Sydney Hostage Situation from Melbourne Chabad Shaliach


ywnisrael.israelThe following update on the ongoing hostage situation in a Sydney Australia café was provided by Rabbi Shalom Dickstein, Chabad Shaliach to Melbourne at 1:25PM Israel time, 12 hours after the ordeal began.

Rabbi Dickstein spoke with Kol Berama Radio and explained life in the Jewish community is continuing and they held a Siyum Rambam as planned to mark the end of their limudim as per the Rebbe’s schedule.

Rabbi Dickstein confirms the site is a kosher café frequented by the Jewish community. He pointed out that earlier reports were correct referring to Gad and benny Elbaz leaving the café shortly before the hostage situation began.  However he adds that based on local media reports the attack is against Australia and not directed at Jews per se.

Dickstein adds that Sydney and Melbourne are home to the country’s largest Jewish community, pointing out that the site of the hostage situation is a central location “near the opera”. Details remain sketchy he explains as the nation’s prime minister is limiting media coverage and the government is instructed not to cooperate with the hostage.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Melbourne is about 11km (6.6 miles) aerial distance from the site of the hostage situation ”
    I think its more like 800-900 km away. It’s about an hour and a half by plane.

  2. I think they meant to say Chabad of Sydney (Bondi Beach) is about that distance away. Actually, supposedly there’s a Chabad branch just a few blocks away.