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Jewish Singers Gad And Benny Elbaz Left Lindt Cafe Moments Before Hostages Taken

imageThe following is via COL:

Popular singers Gad Elbaz and his father Benny Elbaz are thankful today for what they are calling a “Chanukah miracle.”

The father and son singers are currently in Sydney, Australia where they performed Sunday night at the Sir John Clancy Auditorium, University of NSW in Bondi Beach.

On Monday morning, the two enjoyed coffee at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, spending an hour and 15 minutes there with a group of friends, before leaving for Singapore and then New York, where they will perform.

Just after the group left, the news broke about the hostage situation currently unfolding where patrons inside the cafe are standing with their hands pressed against the windows, leading to fears of an attack linked to Islamic militants.

A few minutes later, Benny Elbaz wrote on Facebook that he is grateful for the “Chanukah miracle.”

“The worst almost happened!” he wrote. “A few minutes before the attack on the Cafe in Sydney my friends and I left there. A Chanukah miracle in Sydney!”

(Source: COL)

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  1. Does it really matter if they say gomel?? Miracles are what we perceive them to be. And yes, a person is allowed to celebrate his freedome even when there are other people in a bad situation. Does everything have to be negative and judgmental???

  2. disgracefull way of speaking while the fate of other people is hanging between heaven and earth.If stardom causes Jews to be so self centered, why do we idolize such poor examples?

  3. Can you imagine how much worse it would’ve been if those islamic animals would’ve discovered a group of jews/Israelis among the hostages???

  4. Number 2- this is Australia, not Boro Park. Lindt chocolate isnKosher under OU, and they probably just were having a coffee with a group of people as palace to meet and talk. The Elbaz family are amazing amazing Yidden who sacrificed so much for sir Yiddishkeit. Unlike some who are automatic, have it handed to them, they made amazing sacrifices and hardships to follow a Frum life, on the highest level of Frumkeit, facing challenges many never have to face. They are an inspiration to so many, so many are influenced to become frum on their shining example of being Moser Nefesh for Yiddishkeit. This was an absolute Miracle but it is no wonder because they are the most Ehrlich amazing Yidden who care enough about others to spread goodness, kindness and Yiddishkeit to those around them all around the world.

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