Rabbi Shlomo Aviner: Yishai & Chetboun Can Bring Bracha to Am Yisrael


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yichHaRav Shlomo HaKohen Aviner Shlita writes that “The new [political] party established by Eli Yishai that Yoni Chetboun plans to join can bring true bracha to Am Yisrael. Yishai has many qualities. He is a straight person with good midos and diligent. He is not sectoral and is simply interested to help wherever possible. He is also extremely capable”. The rav’s words were posted by a talmid on the latter’s Facebook page.

The rabbi continues explaining that Yishai already exhibited his leadership abilities at a young age as a cabinet minister. He praises his Yiras Shomayim and feels the two working as a team can bring brochos to the nation.

Rabbi Aviner then turns to Yoni Chetboun, stating “He too has great Yiras Shomayim. I accompanied him abroad on shlichus to bring people to Israel and saw his absolute modesty and pleasant ways. He is talented and served in the IDF as a major in the elite Golani Brigade Egoz unit. He is a recipient of the IDF Chief of Staff award as well, and he possesses outstanding organizational skills”.

The rav applauds Yishai’s silence amid bad-mouthing and accusations among those displeased with his decision to break from Shas. The same for Chetboun, who he cites remains silent amid criticism from some Bayit Yehudi faction members. Rabbi Aviner points out that their lack of response simply highlights their midos.

“Chetboun will bring more of Eretz Yisrael and Yishai more of the Toras Eretz Yisrael and Yiras Shomayim. There are Sephardim who are closer to Eretz Yisrael than seen in Shas and the dati leumi tzibur has members who are more involved in Torah and Yiras Shomayim then Bayit Yehudi offers” concludes the rav.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)