Vishnitzer Rebbe: Bring the Sick Woman to the Chupah to Bring Forth Heavenly Pity


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vishA woman affiliated with the Vishnitz chassidic court who has a severe illness R”L traveled from the USA to Eretz Yisrael to marry off a son. Due to the severity of her condition she has been hospitalized. The Rebbe Shlita called to bring the sick mother from the hospital under medical supervision to the chupah to elicit HKBH’s rachamim. The rebbe added that his ancestors and the parents of the sick woman are certainly present and they must beseech the Kisei HaKavod with their tefilos on behalf of those in need of a refuah.

The family turned to R’ Effie Feldman who heads the Bnei Brak branch of the Mayanei HaYeshua chessed organization for assistance. Ichud Hatzalah provided an ambulance for the mother and a team from Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital headed by Dr. Uriel Levinger took part in the chupah, escorting the mother. The rebbe personally appealed to the hospital director to permit the mother to attend and he agreed.

After the chupah the rebbe gave a bracha to Dr. Levinger, Effie Feldman, and Ichud Hatzalah volunteer Eliezer Klein, thanking them for making the event possible.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Viznitzer Rebbes are very well known, throughout generations, for their tremendous ahavas yisroel and not resting until they bring a yeshua to those in need. May the rebbe’s brochos be mekuyam and may the new couple bring nachas and brochos to themselves and their families.

  2. Being a member in the family from the story above. It must be mentioned another dedicated person that is helping out the patient and was the key “asken” of bringing the mother to the chupa Rabbi Yitzhak Stern one of the senior members of the organization “Refuha Vechaim” in Bnei Brak