Chabad Shliach Visits Sydney Hostage Site – Places Menorah With Message Among Wreaths


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Sydney Shluchim Levi and Chani Wolff placed a Menorah at the site of yesterday’s hostage site, delivering a message of hope to the families of the victims.

JWire reports:

Central Synagogue’s Rabbi Levi Wolff and his wife Chani made the trip from Bondi and set his Menorah down among the large number of wreaths laid by the public.

They were swamped by media eager to understand the meaning of the Chanukah and Rabbi Wolff explained to them the meaning of Chanukah and how this evening marks the beginning of the eight-day Festival of Lights.

Rabbi Wolff told J-Wire: “This Menorah delivers a special message from the Jewish community of Australia to the families of the victims of this tragedy and with it our hopes that on the day which marks the beginning of Chanukah the light of the Menorah will expel the darkness which descended on our country this week.”

(Source: JWire)


  1. thank you Rabbi wolf . thank you Rebba for sending
    you to this far away place . May you continue yr gr8 work . in bringing back yiden to yiddeshkeit