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Kahlon Official: Yair Lapid Is Like A Large Inflated Balloon Losing Air

lapidPost Yisrael quotes a senior Moshe Kahlon campaign worker saying “Yair Lapid is like a large inflated balloon losing air. Yesh Atid people are defecting to us in large numbers”.

They add that Yesh Atid people are spreading rumors that Kahlon will or is likely to run on a combined ticket with Yesh Atid but in the meeting the two held this week, Kahlon stated clearly this would not be so. Some explain that Kahlon has promised to bring fresh blood to the Knesset and therefore he will not be signing on with any party for that would leave voters with the same personalities serving in the current Knesset.

Pollsters as that for the time being, Kahlon is viewed as receiving ten or more seats so he is not pressured to find a party to link with as opposed to Yesh Atid, which the polls show will drop from 19 seats to the single digits.

Kahlon is also aware that teaming with Lapid ends any possibility of working with the chareidi parties.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The secular press feels that with Kahlon (with a strong working class, Sefardi constituency) and Lapid (with a strong following among the Israeli “elite”), they could serious challenge Labor and Likud, and at the very least would be the kingmaker (if not the king).

    The hiloni press assume Kahlon will be an alternative for many Sefardim who are neither super-nationalists nor all that religious, and while Kahlon isn’t clear of his views on these matters, his record suggests he is nationalist (not unlike Netanyahu) and not anti-religious. However until Kahlon comes out with a platform, no one really knows what he favors other than a market-based populist emphasis (which while present in the Likud, gets less attention than other issues).

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