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Rav Elbaz May Remain Out of the Elections

elbazTalmidim of HaGaon HaRav Reuven Elbaz await clarification as to which party to back in the elections. When asked over the weekend the rav did not indicate they should vote for either Shas or Eli Yishai, leading many to believe the rav has decided not to become involved in elections this time around following the split in Shas.

Should this be the case it would deliver yet another blow to Shas as Rav Elbaz’s active participation in elections is significant, with the rav overseeing hundreds of mosdos nationwide including the Ohr Chaim network.

Kikar Shabbos adds that one of the people very close to Rav Elbaz explains that the rav made two attempts to make peace between Deri and Yishai but Deri refused, concluding “some people just want to fight”.

Officials in Rav Elbaz’s office declined comment on the report.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. C’V the Rav’s Talmidim would have to think for themselves and actually read the political platform and policies of each candidate and then decide on the merits whose views more closely track their own political preferences. Its time the voters of EY more closely elected candidates based on their positions on matters related to the economy and national security rather than mindlessly voting for whomever some Rav tells them is the preferred candidate.

  2. Dear ‘gadolhadorah’ , now I understand your ‘title’.
    Most ‘torah’ Jews understand the the gedolei hador know and understand the situation in a much broader and deeper way than the average yid. True Hashem gave us our own satchel, yet the duty of every yid is to adhere to the directives of our sages whether or not it shtims with our understanding

  3. Gadolhadorah, have you never heard of the might of daas Torah. Daas Torah is for everything not just whether you can use a particular type of cleaning utensil on Shabbos. There is hardly anything more important to the true Ben Torah in Eretz Yisroel than which Government rules. Without financial support for learning in Yeshivas and Kollelim, chas veshalom, less people will be able to learn as much. That is why voting as a block is so vital.

  4. That last comment does not suit your name. Harav Elbaz shlita is not “some Rav”! I think more respect for our Rabonim is called for. And yes, we should follow their opinions because that is daas toirah! And certainly the opinion of someone as great as Harav Elbaz!
    Aside from that I think that what is happening in the Shas party is a massive chilul Hashem.

  5. Harav Elbaz is showing us what we must do. Be involved in politics only to the extent strictly necessary and not an inch more. Politics is the most fractious of all endeavors, and the most polarizing. What we see in the frum camp in EY is just short of what the situation was before the time of Churban Bayis Sheini. The hate and loshon horah spewed by everyone involved in politics and so-called ‘representatives’ of the daas of Gedolei Torah is plain revolting, disgusting to anyone with true sensitivity to Torah values and focus of derision and ridicule among the non-frum (yes, as a ‘Light unto the Nations’ we also have to take THEM into account). People say that without this or that bloc in power, there will be no more money to learn, but is appears more like, as long as this or that bloc is not yet in power/coalition/etc. there is simply no TIME to learn, just to bicker and monger sinas Yisroel, with massive Bittul Torah to boot.

  6. Rav Elbaz has said through his actions that the decision is yours as many Gedolim in the Sefardic world are saying this time around.

    It is evident there is much unknown to our eyes that the Gedolim are aware of of these two new factions.

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