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While Vacationing In Hawaii, Obama Offers Help To NYPD After Pro-Eric Garner Police Officer Killings

obPresident Barack Obama is offering full support and federal assistance to the New York Police Department in the wake of the killing of two officers.

The White House says Obama called New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Sunday from Hawaii, where the president is vacationing and offered condolences.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz says Obama also said Americans must reject violence and instead turn to prayer and sympathy for the victims’ relatives. He says the administration will work with leaders across the country to echo that message.


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  1. #1 post, 147, He should fly in and we should pay for it? Besides, all he’ll do is take a selfie and joke around with those at his sides! Thirdly, he’s created enough traffic jams in NYC: we’ll do fine without him. I don’t think the NYPD wants him there either!

  2. With his anti white and police speechi don’t think he’s welcome either. But sadly he doesn’t care
    And u
    Yes he has changed America

  3. He wants to help or be the story? He wants to be the story!

    If dreqo wanted to help, he wouldn’t run his mouth off at every little thing, commenting on INCORRECT facts THUS INCITING THE MASSES.

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