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NY Lawmakers Call For Bullet-Proof Police Car Windows

nypdFour state lawmakers are proposing that all police cars in New York state be retrofitted with bullet-proof glass after two New York City officers were gunned down in their car.

The bill is being drafted by Assembly members Jim Tedisco and Nicole Malliotakis and senators Phil Boyle and Marty Golden, all Republicans. According to a news release Sunday, the legislation to be introduced in the next session would have the bullet-proof glass installed over a phased-in period, starting with the New York Police Department.

The lawmakers are calling for part of the $5.1 billion state surplus to be used to pay for the retrofit.

The legislators don’t include a cost estimate. Texas Armoring Corp. of San Antonio says it charges $55,000 and up, depending on level of bullet-proof protection.


2 Responses

  1. Seems like a knee-jerk decision. What good is paying exorbitant amounts of money to make windows bulletproof if the body of the car isn’t? Bullets can go right through a car door. Also, a violent cop-killing criminal could still just shoot unsuspecting officers when they aren’t in the car. Seems like a waste of money and resources to me.

  2. never knew that our State Legislators are so dumb, if a Criminal wants to kill a Police Officer, there are plenty of Officers walking the Streets of New York, maybe it’s time for the State’s to take away Guns from Criminals and Crazy’s

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