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Police Admit Beit Orot Brawl was a Terror Attack


Two Jewish youths were injured by Arabs in the eastern capital on a Friday night about a month ago. That attack occurred as the students were walking to the Beit Orot Yeshiva in the Har HaZeisim area. Despite testimony from the victims, police preferred calling the attack a confrontation between Jews and Arabs.

Honenu stepped in and has been fighting police, but the latter insisted it was simply a mutually provoked altercation that erupted between Jews and Arabs.

Unrelenting in its pressure based on eyewitness reports and the fact the Jews were ambushed and injured in the attack, Israel Police has finally acknowledged the so-called confrontation was indeed a nationalistically motivated attack.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. We should put our full support behind Honenu, they are their to help our people stand up to police terrorism (yes, it exists in Israel).

  2. This is sadly becoming a trend as we see more liberals in the political arena as well as in the police departments aroilund the world. It is dangerous and reckless. Hashem should make them sober before causing too much damage.

  3. “Sadly their שנאה toward the חרדים is parallel with that of the goyim.” Really Yaapchik? Even more sadly, I think they are equal-opportunity sonei pretty much any Yisroel. A lot of Police aren’t Jewish. they are Arabs and Russians, so I am told. I don’t know if that’s your everyday officer or mainly the riot police, though. But I am disturbed by this trend. As we saw reported yesterday, there is still an ongoing fight for the reclassification of the so-called car jacking of a poor Jewish victim of terrorism in the Gush, and he was not Chareidi. Neither was that unfortunate young woman stabbed in the parking lot some months ago, whose case also took a really long time to get classified as terror. The list goes on. Listen, it’s always the case of follow-the-money, and in the case of politics, it’s follow the one who wants to get reelected. Regarding gelt, terror victims and their families are nicely compensated, so it’s not going to be an automatic ruling of terror unless it’s obvious to the world without equivocation. Regarding the politics, no further comment necessary. But it is definitely wrong to continue this way. We must have trust and confidence in those who swear to protect us and uphold the law of the land.

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