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BREAKING: Two Students AT Yeshiva Beit Orot In East Jerusalem Attacked By Arabs On Friday Night

CaptureTwo students at Yeshiva Beit Orot were attacked and wounded in East Jerusalem in a suspected terror attack Friday evening. The two were reportedly hit with stones, metal rods and planks of wood with nails near the Beit Orot seminary in the area of Har HaZeisim.

Both students were in the seminary when the paramedics arrived and were fully conscious.

A 24-year-old sustained moderate wounds after being hit in the back with a nail studded plank and the other, a 21-year-old, sustained a light head wound from a rock thrown at him.

A manhunt to find the attackers was underway by a large number of security forces.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

12 Responses

  1. Is that really the important thing here? when the photo was taken? really??? Unreal! Boys are attacked and all you care about is who took the photo. It is time that we start hitting back, my son Doug is a 3rd degree black belt and welter weight MMA champion fighting out of Torrance CA he is in yeshiva in Israel for the year and would love, just LOVE to get a small group of his crew to start hunting down arabs in east jerusalem and beat the living crap outta them. Why should it be a one way street? We need to start inflicting fear into these rag heads!! So that they are fearful to start up with any jewish individual.

  2. It’s never worked well for us Jews to fight back. It’ll be a) a chilul Hashem and b) another reason for Goyim to want to bring us down. Hashem doesn’t want us to be on the offensive, and that’s that. It would be far worse if we tried to fight back.

  3. Sorry that misunderstood spike but if the photo was taken on shabbos, then the article should have been posted without it. It was not a complaint against who took but a question regarding the appropriate jewish laws. An article without a picture is still newsworthy.

  4. MODS!!! ‘Erring on the side of caution’ allows for such words to be uesed (in comment #2)?????!!!!!
    #2: Instead of learning karate, you should learn the chofetz chaim’s sefer, ‘shem oilam.’

  5. @2: Yes, chilul Shabbos is the issue – our gedolim have said so. As for your idea of going and beating up arabs, such a notion not only ignores the fact that we are in golus, but verges on atheism – as if the arabs have any free will of their own! As if these wake up calls weren’t from our Father in Shomayim! Like our gedolim have said, we should respond with tefila and talmud Torah. You want us instead to act like goyim and become violent? Chas veshalom.

  6. @Spike using hate to combat hate just breeds more hate. As hard as it is, we are supposed to pray for our enemies. Greeting hate with love makes a greater impact. Besides, G_D says, “Vengance is MINE”. Trust G_D. He will punish far greater than any vengful act could cause pain and/or emotional trauma to those that champion these devils and henious(sp?) atrocities.

  7. Against my better judgement I will respond to Spike.
    Your way my friend will not help. Just the opposite it will further exacerbate the situation. Hashem runs the world. We must better ourselves.

  8. Language check for spike?
    Besides I’m sure that #1 is concerned about the boys but he he only expressed his verbal concerns regarding the picture.

  9. #2- I am sure that you and your son have the very best of intentions but only harm would come of your son becoming a vigilante and a thug. If Doug wants to help he can do so by volunteering with the Mishmar HaEzrachi or, better yet by far – by volunteering to serve in the IDF.

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