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Yishai Hosted At Belz For Hadlokas Neiros

yishaiHa’Am Itanu party leader Eli Yishai remains a welcome guest in the Belzer Court as the former Shas MK participated in hadlokas neiros on Monday night, 30 Kislev.

In actuality, Yishai’s aides turned to Belz officials seeking to arrange for him to take part in hadlokas neiros. He was turned down for officials feared hosting him might be interpreted as an endorsement. However, when this leaked out to the media it was decided to host Yishai for fear if he was not welcomed, it would appear as if the rebbe was against him. It is told that the rebbe is quite pained over the split in Shas.

Yishai has been close to Belz and he has in the past consulted with the rebbe. In addition, during the last years of his life, the rebbe became much closer to Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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